EXCLUSIVE: Former UKIP Youth Leader Rob Comley Set to Make YI Comeback.

YI, the youth wing of UKIP, set for more turbulant times

AFTER the most successful Young Independence (YI) event to-date last night, a top secret Halloween pub crawl through the streets of East London, YI London Chair' Jamie Mckenzie is allegedly set to run for the Chairmanship of YI alongside experienced YI'er & its former Leader Rob Comley as co-Chair', TBG can sensationally reveal.

Although the current YI council have already decided to postpone any YI election until August next year, such is the confidence in current chairman Jack Duffin, the pair have apparently decided to run on a shared ticket in an attempt to finally bring the conservative and libertarian aspects of YI together.

One YI member told TBG - "Comley currently looks as lost as Thatcher when she suddenly lost power and was booted out by the Tory Government. He can't wait to make a comeback."

Other names which have already declared their interest in running for the position within the YI circle include YI Scotland's Joe Jenkins, Thomas Booker, Anish Patel, Dan Evans and Thomas Hoof.