Could a Sitting Tory MP be About to Defect And Stand For UKIP in Boston & Skegness?

Pic source order-order.com

ALL THIS waiting for the result in Boston & Skegness has got many people thinking with the latest whispers are suggesting that UKIP may be holding back on announcing the result until after Rochester because the winner may be a sitting MP about to defect.

Well, there's hardly a shortage of names that spring to mind.

One Tory rebel MP pictured with Farage last night looking ever-so happy is Mark Pritchard (above).

And there's the well known rebels like Hollobone, Bone and then there's the one's with the local connections like arch Euro sceptic Edward Leigh and current Father of the House Sir Peter Tapsell.

Tapsell was MP for the Skegness area until his old seat of East Lindsey split to become Louth and Horncastle in the north and Boston & Skegness in the south in 1997.

Just a thought.