Are Lib Dems Getting Dirty Down in Portsmouth?

Gerald Vernon Jackson

EVIDENCE has emerged of Lib Dems scaring potential UKIP voters saying that, "people know UKIP put the Tories in to run city."

Whilst the tweet by ex Tory @leehunt6 on Saturday refers to the city council elections last May it's a remarkable twist in Lib Dem tactics because in May the same @leehunt6 prided himself on "being above party politics."

TBG has since seen plenty of evidence too.

In a seperate tweet on the same day, Hunt accused Portsmouth South's "very weak" Tory candidate Flick Drummond of being a "Winchester wannabe" and on Thursday gloated "Portsmouth South Tories could easily come 3rd" and "Mrs Drummond doesn't go down well."

Then just to thicken the "dirty tricks" row, a letter from a Lib Dem "plant" appeared in the local paper on Saturday criticising Flick Drummond for her Southsea Action day on the eve of Remembrance Sunday.

Whilst Drummond was handing out Leaflets on one side of a Southsea road Gerald Vernon Jackson was selling poppies on the other.