Are the Conservative Party on Course for Victory in May 2015?

UKIP's Reckless 2,920 majority can easily be overturned come May

With UKIP's victory in Rochester and Strood turning out to be much less emphatic than even TBG imagined and the Tories themselves still in front of Labour according to today's Sun/YouGov Poll there's only one question on TBG's mind today:

Can Cameron's Conservatives pull off an outright victory in May next year?

If Douglas Alexander's thoughts this morning are anything to go by they may well be.

Shadow Foreign Secretary Alexander sensationally played down Labour's chances on a tour of television studios this morning.

Instead of saying Labour 'will win' the next election like most of his colleagues have recently wee Dougie only said the election was "winnable".

Despite William Hague putting on a brave face this morning telling TBG that, "You have to take these things seriously." Today's poll has the Conservatives on 34%, Labour on 33%, Ukip on 15% and the Lib Dems on 7%.

With no more by-elections and the home straight all that is left seems as though the only hope left for Red Ed called is default.