Alan Mak has Witnessed Poverty and Hardship First Hand.

Well done Havant Conservatives candidate Alan Mak for defending himself amidst an orchestrated campaign of internet trolling levelled at him on the Conservative Home web site.

The fact that as a life-long Tory activist a comment that I posted in support of Alan was rejected simply shows not just what an elitist site Conservative Home has become but it also exposes what a breath of fresh air Alan is and how far distanced he is from the career politicians in the so-called 'Westminster bubble'.

The fact that somebody from an area dominated by the working class has risen so rapidly without even standing for Parliament before is a testimony to his hard work and passion.

The fact that at a time when some Conservatives have recently been talking so negatively from an economic and social perspective whilst Alan has witnessed at first hand poverty and hardship through his Breakfast Club proves what a star he is.