Tory MP Matthew Hancock's Double Trouble.

It turns out that it's not just Mike Hancock who's in a spot of bother these days.

TBG has learned of two interesting developments in the career of Tory Minister for Portsmouth Matthew Hancock also this week.

First, earlier in the week the City Minister got into trouble for accidentally retweeting this by "In A Flap":

"The party run by young Ed
Is quietly going quite dead
Bereft of ideas
Quite full of queers
No wonder the faithful have fled"

Then this morning it emerged that when a Portsmouth South constituent tried to contact Matthew Hancock for help over the future in the Milton area of Portsmouth he was shell shocked when somebody in his office replied thanking Mr Burkinshaw for the enquiry - about Milton Keynes.

Labour's John Ferrett says it exposes Tory window dressing. Whilst Tory Cllr Donna Jones put a brave face on the debacle by telling TBG that it wasn't Matthew Hancock's place to get involved in planning matters.