Racist Britain First Back UKIP.

Gag 'em all

BRITAIN FIRST have sensationally backed UKIP and their candidates after dismissing what they call UKIP's "political game" in distancing themselves from the confrontational group telling people to "Ignore UKIP's necessary political manoeuvres", calling it "bluster for the media's sake".

The revealing post on social networking site Facebook by the group, who refer to their members as 'our people' like a flock from The Walking Dead, is sure to re-enforce suspicions of UKIP's ulterior motives.

UKIP candidates have been reported sharing and praising such Facebook posts by Britain First recently on this website.

Britain First's Leader and Co have also stormed a Mosque challenging an elderly Imam about displaying Muslim symbols whilst disrespecting Mosque etiquette by standing on a prayer mat with dirty boots.

UPDATE: UKIP respond to Britain First story;