Mr Cameron Forgot All About The Six Million Strivers.

So, in his "rousing speech" to the Conservatives Conference in Birmingham "David Cameron pledges to reward Britain's workers" with a "Tax Cuts Boost for 30 Million" despite the fact that the spending plans for all of this has created the most enormous of political black holes that bookies now even make Ed Miliband odds on to be Prime Minister and as a former odds compiler that is not a good sign.

Yet what Mr. Cameron forgot all about was the six million strivers that he so loved until recently.

The six million who are either part-time workers because of family commitments or in my case, self employed people who often forgo minimum wage nonsense to stay in business.

For those on either tax credits or low income housing benefit it's just a freeze.

Ed Miliband may have forgot the deficit but to forget the very people who put you in office in the first place is just as bad.

Which is why my take on it is "could do better!"