Lib Dems Accuse Local Tories of Running Council Like a 'Soviet State'.

Council Leader Comrade Donna Jones

You would think that if there's one thing the Portsmouth Liberal Democrats have good expertise in it would be the "Soviet State".

Former Lib Dem Mike Hancock MP did after all love flirting with young Russian women and only last week TBG exposed the now Independent MP for allegedly saving another of Putin's citizens from deportation.

Yet today it's Hancock's right hand man of the last ten years and new PPC Gerald Vernon Jackson who's accusing the Conservatives of running Portsmouth Council like "a Soviet state dictatorship."

And despite the fact that EIGHTY allegations of bullying have been reported during his tenure as Leader of the council GVJ has accused the new Tory leadership of "creating a culture of fear in the workforce."

Local Tories have accused Jackson of "blatant electioneering" whilst Labour's John Ferrett says what most of us think namely: "The picture Gerald is painting would be more applicable when the Lib Dems were running the council."