Is Sir Peter Tapsell Going to UKIP?

HE'S A MAN who usually likes to keep a low profile but today speculation has begun that Sir Peter Tapsell may be the next MP to jump ship to UKIP.

Sir Peter has already announced that he is to stand down at the next election but that didn't stop the veteran Tory Maverick and Father of the House from helping swear in Douglas Carswell as UKIP's first ever ELECTED MP.

His constituency of Louth and Hornecastle is up there as a UKIP target seat but TBG thinks a move to UKIP is unlikely for two reasons.

Firstly, Sir Peter recently dug in his own pocket to pay for an open primary in the North East of England and secondly the Tories have already selected a candidate to replace him via an Open Primary.

The news of the latest defection rumour came on the same day that fellow Lincolnshire MP Edward Leigh issued a message on Conservative Home calling for the party to listen more. TBG has exclusively learned that there are growing calls within UKIP now for Douglas Carswell to represent them in the 2015 television debates instead of Nigel Farage.