Has Alan Mak's Selection Upset the Blue Rinse Brigade?

A POLISHED PERFORMANCE at the open primary in Havant last week may have won the hearts and minds of constituents, a number of councillors and even a certain roving reporter but TBG can today sensationally reveal that Alan Mak's selection to succeed David Willetts as the Conservatives candidate in the safe tory seat of Havant has somewhat upset the 'Blue Rinse Brigade' and a few 'Westminster Bubble' career politicians.

TBG first smelt the rat last Saturday when, despite his democratic selection, a couple of elderly Havant Conservative members refused to approve the selection process.

After a bit of investigating, TBG's roving reporter later found out that these two were apparently "deeply upset" at Charlotte Vere's early elimination, which TBG thinks was almost certainly down to her comments criticising Geoff Brooking's popular opinion that the British people are "crying out for a referendum on the E.U." Which itself led to heckling from the audience.

A quick look at the latest comments on Conservative Home shows that, nationally, maybe, they may not be alone.

After all, a Blogger registered with the Tory grass roots site in the name of Coltheox did say - "How can anyone with any brain at all choose Alan Mak as a PPC?" and, "It's time for a complete review as to how certain people manage to get on to the candidates list." Other comments included accusations of it being "a sad day for the party and for anyone vulnerable and in need of representation" and, "I don't think I've ever seen such universal disdain and disgust at the selection of a Parliamentary candidate on Con Home before."

Then, after a tip-off from a well known local councillor and supporter of Mak, last night, TBG's roving reporter decided to try and write something positive about Alan Mak on Conservative Home by playing up his "polished performance", praising his "euro-sceptic credentials" and sounding out "the Breakfast Club which he helped establish for 8,000 young people in South Yorkshire".

He's still waiting for it to be published at the time this article is being written. Which simply begs the question, has Alan Mak's selection upset the Blue Rinse Brigade?

Or is this really a dirty tricks campaign on the part of Conservative Home against those outside of, or maybe, who don't quite yet fit in with, 'The Westminster Bubble?'