Hancock MP Legal Bill Tops £38,000.

TBG can today exclusively reveal that the cost of legal proceedings at Portsmouth City Council as regards Mike Hancock MP now tops £38,000.

The costs broken down in full are:

January 2013: Advice in relation to possible adjournment of proceedings – Ian Wise QC – £1,000

May 2013: Attendance at initial consideration hearing at request of sub-committee – Ian Wise QC – £4,726

September 2013: Further advice including conference to advise sub-committee – Ian Wise QC – 2,600

September 2013: Fee in respect of investigation required by sub-committee including all steps up to and including report for consideration sub-committee – Nigel Pascoe QC – £18,800

October 2013: Further advice on procedure in relation to a complaint against a Councillor (at request of sub-committee) – Elisabeth Laing QC – £4,610

March 2014: Attendance at court to oppose application for third party disclosure – Christopher Knight – £1,000

April 2014: Applicant’s costs payable by PCC in respect of third party disclosure application – £5,500

Portsmouth Conservatives Leader Donna Jones is pledging to fight all the way for Hancock to cough up telling TBG - "If there’s a legal way I can pursue this money then I will."

"I’m advocating for Mike to pay back all the professional fees. Morally he has an obligation to pay this back. He could have dealt with this four years ago. All of that stuff would have not been spent."

The total overall cost of the investigation could be as much as £150,000 but the authority cannot calculate officer’s time.

Deputy Leader Luke Stubbs told TBG - "I’m not sure about the legality of it. It’s probably extremely difficult."