Divisions Over Labour's 'Core Vote Strategy'.

The news that Alan Johnson is being touted by some to take over from Red Ed Miliband and that Alistair Darling is now being touted to replace Red Ed Balls is, in my opinion too little and too late.

It simply exposes the bitter in-fighting now for the heart and soul of Labour brought about by THAT shift to the left since Ed beat his brother David Miliband in THAT leadership contest.

It also exposes the divisions over Labour's "core vote strategy" recently so ridiculed by Lord Prescott.

If there were to be a contest it would stink of the same damage limitation that applied when Michael Howard took over as the Conservatives leader from Iain Duncan Smih.

The same Iain Duncan Smith who so recently, along with George Osborne, hammered the final nails in the coffin of "compassionate conservatism" with their proposed cuts to "working people's low income benefits".