A Vote For UKIP Would Simply Let in a Labour Government.

Whilst UKIP may well have won there first seat in the United Kingdom Parliament at Westminster the fact remains that despite protestations that if you vote UKIP you can get UKIP, in the overwhelming majority of constituencies up and down the land, a vote for UKIP would simply let in a Labour Government.

Douglas Carswell won because he is a very popular MP with what has what amounts currently to very popular views.

However, my view is, and shall remain, that the people of Clacton have been had, by a party that is nothing but a one trick pony playing on people's consciences and I only hope that the people of Rochester realise that soon.

It was a UKIP candidate that kept Labour in control of Portsmouth North in 2005 and look what good that did.

So, if readers want that sort of thing to happen on a more widespread scale I suggest they think twice otherwise the electorate really will end up with Red Ed Miliband and Red Ed Balls in Downing Street.

After all, if Red Ed Miliband and Red Ed Balls can’t even control their own party these days what chance has the country got?

The public can see through what Labour stand for.

On immigration and the economy Red Ed Miliband didn’t even mention the issues in his party conference speech.

The fact of the matter is that both Red Ed Miliband and Red Ed Balls are lame ducks who remain prisoners of the trades union movement who ultimately bankroll and control the Labour Party from their own exclusive puppet strings.

No wonder Miliband, with his comical facial expressions, has become such a figure of fun and ridicule over the last four years.

People need to realise that regardless of who is their leader, Labour still have the same failed MPs from the last Labour government and the same failed policies that would ruin our country all over again.

The Labour Party - the party that almost bankrupt the nation, the party that gave jobs on the basis of gender and race rather than on respect and intelligence and the party that made living off the state pay as opposed to getting a job and getting on in life.

Do readers really want a return to this?

I think not!