Has Alan Mak's Selection Upset the Blue Rinse Brigade?

A POLISHED PERFORMANCE at the open primary in Havant last week may have won the hearts and minds of constituents, a number of councillors and even a certain roving reporter but TBG can today sensationally reveal that Alan Mak's selection to succeed David Willetts as the Conservatives candidate in the safe tory seat of Havant has somewhat upset the 'Blue Rinse Brigade' and a few 'Westminster Bubble' career politicians.

TBG first smelt the rat last Saturday when, despite his democratic selection, a couple of elderly Havant Conservative members refused to approve the selection process.

After a bit of investigating, TBG's roving reporter later found out that these two were apparently "deeply upset" at Charlotte Vere's early elimination, which TBG thinks was almost certainly down to her comments criticising Geoff Brooking's popular opinion that the British people are "crying out for a referendum on the E.U." Which itself led to heckling from the audience.

A quick look at the latest comments on Conservative Home shows that, nationally, maybe, they may not be alone.

After all, a Blogger registered with the Tory grass roots site in the name of Coltheox did say - "How can anyone with any brain at all choose Alan Mak as a PPC?" and, "It's time for a complete review as to how certain people manage to get on to the candidates list." Other comments included accusations of it being "a sad day for the party and for anyone vulnerable and in need of representation" and, "I don't think I've ever seen such universal disdain and disgust at the selection of a Parliamentary candidate on Con Home before."

Then, after a tip-off from a well known local councillor and supporter of Mak, last night, TBG's roving reporter decided to try and write something positive about Alan Mak on Conservative Home by playing up his "polished performance", praising his "euro-sceptic credentials" and sounding out "the Breakfast Club which he helped establish for 8,000 young people in South Yorkshire".

He's still waiting for it to be published at the time this article is being written. Which simply begs the question, has Alan Mak's selection upset the Blue Rinse Brigade?

Or is this really a dirty tricks campaign on the part of Conservative Home against those outside of, or maybe, who don't quite yet fit in with, 'The Westminster Bubble?'

Racist Britain First Back UKIP.

Gag 'em all

BRITAIN FIRST have sensationally backed UKIP and their candidates after dismissing what they call UKIP's "political game" in distancing themselves from the confrontational group telling people to "Ignore UKIP's necessary political manoeuvres", calling it "bluster for the media's sake".

The revealing post on social networking site Facebook by the group, who refer to their members as 'our people' like a flock from The Walking Dead, is sure to re-enforce suspicions of UKIP's ulterior motives.

UKIP candidates have been reported sharing and praising such Facebook posts by Britain First recently on this website.

Britain First's Leader and Co have also stormed a Mosque challenging an elderly Imam about displaying Muslim symbols whilst disrespecting Mosque etiquette by standing on a prayer mat with dirty boots.

UPDATE: UKIP respond to Britain First story;

Huhney Tunes Back in Court.

No moolah ya Honor

FORMER Eastleigh MP Chris Huhne is sensationally back in court today, TBG can reveal.

The former disgraced Lib Dem MP is at the Court of Appeal in London right now challenging a costs order of £77,750 in relation to his prosecution for passing speeding points to his former wife.


Huhne loses case.

VIDEO: PM David Cameron 'Attacked' in Leeds.

Via Alex Wickham's Vine

A MAN, supposedly running to the gym, accidently appears to attack the Prime Minister today in Leeds. The PM's security then bundled David Cameron into his ministerial motor.

The unknown assailant was briefly arrested, according to sources.

Mak 'The Knife' Selected as Havant Tory Candidate.

Mak (left) will replace David Willetts (right)

ALAN MAK has been sensationally selected as Havant Conservative Party Parliamentary Candidate in an open primary that took place just hours ago, TBG can reveal.

Mak, nicknamed 'The Knife', caused a stir during his university days at Cambridge Union but has recovered with a blistering campaign to become Havant Tory Candidate for 2015 that, "blew the rest of the field away" according to a local source.

His startling performance led one open primary attendee, who turned up specifically to vote for another candidate, to reveal to TBG, "I nearly voted for him myself".

Mak told TBG that his goal is simple - "My goal is to make Havant the best place to live, work, visit and invest in because local residents deserve nothing less."

Speaking to an open primary audience of over 300 people during a "breathtaking performance", Mak, who describes himself as a "Thatcherite, Patriot, Local Champion and National Voice", pledged to:

  • Strengthen the local economy, raise living standards and attract new businesses 
  • Improve schools and colleges to give everyone the best start in life 
  • Launch a start up fund to back new businesses 
  • Promote the area's tourist industry

Mak also pledged to "fight all the way" for an "In or Out Referendum" on the EU by accusing Brussels of being "out of control".

UKIP Struggle With Numbers in Rochester & Strood.

Conservative Party seem to always be out in force

IF there is any hope for the Conservatives in Rochester it is their mobilisation of troops on the ground.

That's not the view of Grant Shapps but the opinion of a senior member of UKIP.

Leaked emails seen by TBG last night suggested that whilst Tories are coming from all over the place with MPs ordered to attend three time and Ministers on five occasions, UKIP are struggling in numbers.

Our latest leaked email showed that only SIX leading Kippers turned out last weekend and when you consider that one of those was the candidate (Mark Reckless), one an M.E.P. (Janice Atkinson) and a third was their P.P.C. from Eastbourne, it wasn't exactly good stuff.

TBG understands this weekend will be "different" though, according to sources.

Fellow South East M.E.P. Ray Finch who was last weekend spotted taking it easy at his Bedhampton home has been ordered on to the front line and a contingent of up to fifty are expected from the West Country along with Leader Nigel Farage.

One relieved 'Kipper last night told TBG - "Its about time too!".

Lib Dems 'Red Lines' Leaked.

TORY EUROSCEPTICS received a major boost yesterday when it was revealed that the front page of the Liberal Democrats' 2015 Manifesto was sensationally leaked, TBG can reveal.

The front page of the manifesto was snapped as Nick Clegg's Director of Strategy Ryan Coetzee left the Deputy PM's Office.

Yet instead of having a Red Line opposed to David Cameron's pledge of an EU Referendum in 2017, Nick Clegg's wish list only includes:

  • Balancing the books by 2018
  • Cutting income tax by £400 for low earners
  • Equal waiting times for mental health and physical health
  • And to protect Nursery, Schools, and College spending

TBG thinks interesting times lay ahead.

EXCLUSIVE: UKIP On Course For Rochester & Strood Landslide.

THE CONSERVATIVES have already spent over £100,000 on the open primary but UKIP seem to be already on course for a landslide in the Rochester and Strood by-election, TBG can reveal.

Internal UKIP documents leaked to TBG show that despite Eastbourne P.P.C. Nigel Jones issuing a "cry to arms" calling upon members and supporters to "drop whatever you are doing and save our country". TBG can exclusively reveal that an apparently unpleasant avalanche of abuse from Mark Reckless' former party colleagues has led to enormous polling returns for Nigel Farage's party, including a whopping 94% approval rating in the village of Grain.

One M.E.P. Even told TBG earlier, "This is BETTER than Clacton". Prompting UKIP HQ to issue a warning against complacency - "David Cameron has already promised to throw the kitchen sink at us in this campaign and we know there are some very dirty dishes in the Tory sink."

'Why I'm Backing Michael McManus for Havant'.

The news that Michael McManus has made it on to the final open primary shortlist for the Conservatives nomination in Havant due to be decided on Saturday is a huge step forward.

Michael is highly intelligent and very sincere too as I saw when I chatted at length with him in Havant last Friday.

In my opinion, Michael would without doubt be a superb asset to drive forward the type of policies David Cameron and George Osborne advocate for a better Britain.

The fact that Michael also ran the 2004 campaign for a referendum on the EU Constitution speaks volumes because it shows that in Michael McManus the Conservatives would have the ideal person with the ideal oratorical skills to ultimately advocate the very policy that so many die hard Conservatives have been fighting in favour of for so long which is an in or out EU Referendum once and for all.

Havant Final Four Announced.

The final four candidates for the 2015 Conservatives nomination in Havant have been announced.

They are Deputy Leader of Hertfordshire County Council Chris Hayward, Lawyer and Entrepreneur Alan Mak, former John Major and Margaret Thatcher speech writer Michael McManus, and 2010 Brighton Pavilion candidate Charlotte Vere.

An open primary to decide the winner will be held at 2.00pm on Saturday at Oaklands School in Waterlooville.

Havant Tory Applicant Has What it Takes - In an Expenses Scandal.

IT MAY NOT be the greatest of stories but given the expenses angle The Blue Guerilla can reveal that one of the candidates now on the long list to be the next Conservative Candidate in Havant is one Alan Mak.

According to Conservative Home, Mak is - "A lawyer by training, an entrepreneur and investor and his roles include serving as a Non-Executive Board Member for Havas UK, a digital services and advertising firm. He is also a judge and mentor for Wayra UnLtd, which advises and trains technology companies. He sits on the Management Committee of the Enterprise Forum, which seeks to link businesses in to Conservative Party policy development."

TBG has however since learned that Mak has already been embroiled in an expenses scandal. According to sources, Mak was accused of filing a false invoice and subsequently received a vote of no confidence from Cambridge Union when he was Ents Officer & was forced to pull out of a presidential campaign amid claims of "financial misconduct".

Would this be the first time someone becoming an MP has been allegedly caught fiddling expenses BEFORE they've got to Westminster?

Or perhaps he'd fit right in?

The other candidates are Cllr Antonia Cox. Suella Fernandes, Sian Flynn, Mark Fox, Cllr Chris Hayward, Sarah Heald, Sarah Macken, Michael McManus, Luke Parker, Laura Trott, and Charlotte Vere.

Ex-UKIP MEP Charged With Fraud.

Former UKIP MEP Ashley Mote has been charged with fraud and misconduct in public office.

He represented the South East from 2004 to 2009 and faces nine charges allegedly committed over the same period.

The allegations include obtaining money by deception, fraud by false representation, false accounting, and receiving the proceeds of crime.

Mr Mote, who lives at Alton in Hampshire, will appear before Magistrates in November.

Is Sir Peter Tapsell Going to UKIP?

HE'S A MAN who usually likes to keep a low profile but today speculation has begun that Sir Peter Tapsell may be the next MP to jump ship to UKIP.

Sir Peter has already announced that he is to stand down at the next election but that didn't stop the veteran Tory Maverick and Father of the House from helping swear in Douglas Carswell as UKIP's first ever ELECTED MP.

His constituency of Louth and Hornecastle is up there as a UKIP target seat but TBG thinks a move to UKIP is unlikely for two reasons.

Firstly, Sir Peter recently dug in his own pocket to pay for an open primary in the North East of England and secondly the Tories have already selected a candidate to replace him via an Open Primary.

The news of the latest defection rumour came on the same day that fellow Lincolnshire MP Edward Leigh issued a message on Conservative Home calling for the party to listen more. TBG has exclusively learned that there are growing calls within UKIP now for Douglas Carswell to represent them in the 2015 television debates instead of Nigel Farage.

A Vote For UKIP Would Simply Let in a Labour Government.

Whilst UKIP may well have won there first seat in the United Kingdom Parliament at Westminster the fact remains that despite protestations that if you vote UKIP you can get UKIP, in the overwhelming majority of constituencies up and down the land, a vote for UKIP would simply let in a Labour Government.

Douglas Carswell won because he is a very popular MP with what has what amounts currently to very popular views.

However, my view is, and shall remain, that the people of Clacton have been had, by a party that is nothing but a one trick pony playing on people's consciences and I only hope that the people of Rochester realise that soon.

It was a UKIP candidate that kept Labour in control of Portsmouth North in 2005 and look what good that did.

So, if readers want that sort of thing to happen on a more widespread scale I suggest they think twice otherwise the electorate really will end up with Red Ed Miliband and Red Ed Balls in Downing Street.

After all, if Red Ed Miliband and Red Ed Balls can’t even control their own party these days what chance has the country got?

The public can see through what Labour stand for.

On immigration and the economy Red Ed Miliband didn’t even mention the issues in his party conference speech.

The fact of the matter is that both Red Ed Miliband and Red Ed Balls are lame ducks who remain prisoners of the trades union movement who ultimately bankroll and control the Labour Party from their own exclusive puppet strings.

No wonder Miliband, with his comical facial expressions, has become such a figure of fun and ridicule over the last four years.

People need to realise that regardless of who is their leader, Labour still have the same failed MPs from the last Labour government and the same failed policies that would ruin our country all over again.

The Labour Party - the party that almost bankrupt the nation, the party that gave jobs on the basis of gender and race rather than on respect and intelligence and the party that made living off the state pay as opposed to getting a job and getting on in life.

Do readers really want a return to this?

I think not!

Labour at War After By-election 'Close Shave'.

He's the man who had been hotly tipped to do to Labour what Carswell did to the Conservatives. Yet that hasn't stopped Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk from laying into Red Ed Miliband again today.

Danczuk, who's constituency borders that of Heywood and Middleton where UKIP came within a whisker of causing an earthquake on Thursday tells the Tory supporting Daily Mail that - "The one resounding lesson from the fact that UKIP came within a whisker of winning the constituency of Heywood and Middleton is that Labour can no longer ignore immigration."

"Over the past few weeks on the campaign trail in Heywood and Middleton I’ve had a terrible sense of déjà vu."

"Gordon Brown famously refused to debate immigration with the pensioner Gillian Duffy in my own constituency of Rochdale in 2010, dismissing her as ‘a bigoted woman’."

"Now Ed Miliband has similarly failed to address the issue with voters a few miles down the road in Heywood and Middleton. Wherever I went in this campaign, people brought up immigration. I heard it on the doorstep all the time."

Earlier this week, Danczuk became the first Labour MP to call for English votes for English MPs.

Lib Dems Accuse Local Tories of Running Council Like a 'Soviet State'.

Council Leader Comrade Donna Jones

You would think that if there's one thing the Portsmouth Liberal Democrats have good expertise in it would be the "Soviet State".

Former Lib Dem Mike Hancock MP did after all love flirting with young Russian women and only last week TBG exposed the now Independent MP for allegedly saving another of Putin's citizens from deportation.

Yet today it's Hancock's right hand man of the last ten years and new PPC Gerald Vernon Jackson who's accusing the Conservatives of running Portsmouth Council like "a Soviet state dictatorship."

And despite the fact that EIGHTY allegations of bullying have been reported during his tenure as Leader of the council GVJ has accused the new Tory leadership of "creating a culture of fear in the workforce."

Local Tories have accused Jackson of "blatant electioneering" whilst Labour's John Ferrett says what most of us think namely: "The picture Gerald is painting would be more applicable when the Lib Dems were running the council."

Divisions Over Labour's 'Core Vote Strategy'.

The news that Alan Johnson is being touted by some to take over from Red Ed Miliband and that Alistair Darling is now being touted to replace Red Ed Balls is, in my opinion too little and too late.

It simply exposes the bitter in-fighting now for the heart and soul of Labour brought about by THAT shift to the left since Ed beat his brother David Miliband in THAT leadership contest.

It also exposes the divisions over Labour's "core vote strategy" recently so ridiculed by Lord Prescott.

If there were to be a contest it would stink of the same damage limitation that applied when Michael Howard took over as the Conservatives leader from Iain Duncan Smih.

The same Iain Duncan Smith who so recently, along with George Osborne, hammered the final nails in the coffin of "compassionate conservatism" with their proposed cuts to "working people's low income benefits".

Hancock MP Legal Bill Tops £38,000.

TBG can today exclusively reveal that the cost of legal proceedings at Portsmouth City Council as regards Mike Hancock MP now tops £38,000.

The costs broken down in full are:

January 2013: Advice in relation to possible adjournment of proceedings – Ian Wise QC – £1,000

May 2013: Attendance at initial consideration hearing at request of sub-committee – Ian Wise QC – £4,726

September 2013: Further advice including conference to advise sub-committee – Ian Wise QC – 2,600

September 2013: Fee in respect of investigation required by sub-committee including all steps up to and including report for consideration sub-committee – Nigel Pascoe QC – £18,800

October 2013: Further advice on procedure in relation to a complaint against a Councillor (at request of sub-committee) – Elisabeth Laing QC – £4,610

March 2014: Attendance at court to oppose application for third party disclosure – Christopher Knight – £1,000

April 2014: Applicant’s costs payable by PCC in respect of third party disclosure application – £5,500

Portsmouth Conservatives Leader Donna Jones is pledging to fight all the way for Hancock to cough up telling TBG - "If there’s a legal way I can pursue this money then I will."

"I’m advocating for Mike to pay back all the professional fees. Morally he has an obligation to pay this back. He could have dealt with this four years ago. All of that stuff would have not been spent."

The total overall cost of the investigation could be as much as £150,000 but the authority cannot calculate officer’s time.

Deputy Leader Luke Stubbs told TBG - "I’m not sure about the legality of it. It’s probably extremely difficult."

VIDEO: Tory #RoadTrip2015 to Clacton.

Tory MP Matthew Hancock's Double Trouble.

It turns out that it's not just Mike Hancock who's in a spot of bother these days.

TBG has learned of two interesting developments in the career of Tory Minister for Portsmouth Matthew Hancock also this week.

First, earlier in the week the City Minister got into trouble for accidentally retweeting this by "In A Flap":

"The party run by young Ed
Is quietly going quite dead
Bereft of ideas
Quite full of queers
No wonder the faithful have fled"

Then this morning it emerged that when a Portsmouth South constituent tried to contact Matthew Hancock for help over the future in the Milton area of Portsmouth he was shell shocked when somebody in his office replied thanking Mr Burkinshaw for the enquiry - about Milton Keynes.

Labour's John Ferrett says it exposes Tory window dressing. Whilst Tory Cllr Donna Jones put a brave face on the debacle by telling TBG that it wasn't Matthew Hancock's place to get involved in planning matters.

EXCLUSIVE: Tories Break Into Football Chant as Pickles Takes to The Mic.

Chanting is heard towards the end of the video

TORIES have been captured on film breaking out into a football chant at a Conservative Party conference reception held by think tank Parliament Street, TBG can reveal.

Parliament Street, one of the UK's leading & most influential Think Tanks, made a huge splash at Tory Conference last week with a highly successful drinks reception. One of the speakers was Eric Pickles MP, considered a "legend" by most Tory activists, attendees gave him a heroes welcome with chants mostly heard at a football ground.

"We love you Pickles we do. Oohhh Pickles we love you" bellowed around the Symphony Ballroom at the Hyatt Regency, Birmingham, when Tory Minister Pickles took the stage.

Oyster Bay wine was being served along with a selection cheese nibbles with fresh olives stuffed with red peppers and feta cheese.

EXCLUSIVE: Race Hots Up For Boston & Skegness Tory Selection.

Antony Calvert, Kelly Smith and Matthew Glanville

THE RACE for selection in Boston & Skegness is heating up after TBG learned of two other names, other than Conservative Party Regional Chairman for the East Midlands Kelly Smith, who are sensationally rumoured to be fighting for the seat.

Sources from Boston & Skegness suggest Kelly Smith reckons he's a "shoe-in" for the Conservative candidacy, however Matthew Glanville is a very polished Conservative activist with a website to match and is set to run for the role also.

A third contender & big hitter may also be in the pipe line, according to Tory sources in Birmingham last week. Antony Calvert, who delivered a huge Tory campaign swing in Morley & Outwood against current Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls during the 2010 election, is rumoured to be "very interested" in the seat. Calvert is a proven campaigner with a tireless approach who seems the most likeliest to keep UKIP & their candidate, disgraced former Tory MP Neil Hamilton, at bay.

Contenders are set to be vetted next week.

A recent Ashcroft poll for the constituency put UKIP's Neil Hamilton on 46% and the Tories on 26%.

Mike Hancock MP, The UKIP Millionaire Donor & His Wife.

PORTSMOUTH SOUTH Independent MP Mike Hancock is now at the centre of yet another scandal involving a UKIP millionaire donor, TBG can sensationally reveal.

In the last few minutes TBG has learned that the Russian born wife of a Bristol businessman who hit the headlines earlier this week after donating £1 Million to UKIP was allegedly "helped" to stay in the UK by the disgraced MP.

It's being alleged that Hancock helped her stay in the UK after her original marriage to a Portsmouth merchant seaman broke down after just three months with authorities suspecting that it may have been a sham marriage.

Whilst there is currently no suggestion of an improper relationship eyebrows are being raised because it's being alleged that the timing of Hancock's help came whilst the Katia Zatuliveter scandal was also spreading.

Hancock recently resigned from the Lib Dems after he admitted inappropriate behaviour with a mentally ill constituent.

EXCLUSIVE: Cameron Set For Tory RoadTrip to Clacton.

PRIME MINISTER David Cameron is rumoured to be attending the Conservative Party RoadtTrip2015 to Clacton this Saturday, TBG can sensationally reveal.

TBG understands that hot on the heels of Michael Gove in Portsmouth South and Chris Grayling in Croydon Central this weeks special guest for #RoadTrip2015 in Clacton will be the PM himself.

It is widely accepted that PM David Cameron is still the Tory Party's greatest asset and he will throw his weight behind the campaign blitz this weekend in an attempt to see off the UKIP threat.

RoadtTrip2015 has become the Conservatives' main campaign machine over recent months, with hundreds of activists attending up and down the country.

VIDEO: 750 Tory Activists Campaign in Birmingham.

EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Candidate Tells TBG Havant Should Vote 'From Their Heart'.

UKIP'S CANDIDATE in Havant, John Perry, has exclusively told TBG that he isn't bothered who he is up against in 2015.

In a sensational interview with roving reporter Geoff Brooking, the first since the plantgate scandal, Perry says that people should vote "from their heart".

"If their heart says Labour they should vote Labour but if their heart says UKIP then they should vote UKIP."

Perry also scorned both Labour and the Conservatives telling TBG that - "It was Labour who started the privatisation of the NHS but its the Conservatives who have increased the deficit."

"Whether they are local or not the fact that so many people have applied shows that some people think its a safe seat."

TBG thinks different and as reported earlier, privately, Havant Tories fear UKIP and one member even went so far as to tell TBG that, "If they were not scared of UKIP they wouldn't be holding the primary in the first place."

UKIP Defections & Bookies Say Red Ed Will be PM in 2015 but The Tories Are Bouncing.

HOT on the heels of Cameron's speech to the Tory faithful in Birmingham it seems as though its gone down like a lead balloon with the bookies.

Whilst CF'ers like a former CF National Deputy Chairman praising it as "his best speech as Prime Minister" others were far from impressed.

TBG's own Geoff Brooking has been saying all week that conference hasn't been entirely successful and the bookies agree.

Ladbrokes last night sensationally made Red Ed the odds on favourite to be PM after the General Election.

Brookers is quoted in letters to the Portsmouth News and Daily Express reminding the PM that, "Two-thirds of people affected by the proposed 'benefits freeze' are actually either part time workers or self-employed strivers on a low income who get small amounts of help with housing benefit and tax credits".

Nevertheless, even with recent high profile defections to UKIP and polls pointing to a Labour victory in 2015, the Tories seem to be bouncing. One Tory commented in regard to UKIP defectors - "It's actually really nice not having those kind of people here at Conference."

Mr Cameron Forgot All About The Six Million Strivers.

So, in his "rousing speech" to the Conservatives Conference in Birmingham "David Cameron pledges to reward Britain's workers" with a "Tax Cuts Boost for 30 Million" despite the fact that the spending plans for all of this has created the most enormous of political black holes that bookies now even make Ed Miliband odds on to be Prime Minister and as a former odds compiler that is not a good sign.

Yet what Mr. Cameron forgot all about was the six million strivers that he so loved until recently.

The six million who are either part-time workers because of family commitments or in my case, self employed people who often forgo minimum wage nonsense to stay in business.

For those on either tax credits or low income housing benefit it's just a freeze.

Ed Miliband may have forgot the deficit but to forget the very people who put you in office in the first place is just as bad.

Which is why my take on it is "could do better!"

Havant Tories Go For Open Primary.

TBG can today exclusively reveal that the man or woman who will replace David Willetts as the Conservatives candidate for Havant will be chosen by an Open Primary on October 25th.

Privately, it's believed that a number of Tory insiders are worried about the threat posed by UKIP's John Perry.

As reported on TBG, a nominations form cock-up cost UKIP up to four councillors in May's local elections.

Almost 100 people applied for the Havant nomination and this will be brought down to four by the time the open primary is held.

Whatever the outcome Havant will have its first new MP since 1992.