The CF Revolution Is Here.

The CF Revolution is Here. A grassroots youth wing with meaning is starting to take shape up and down the country.

The national executive is organised, competent, and most importantly is in contact with the membership. For sure CF will be having a long period of stability and a massive increase in membership.

Across the country a regional base is being hammered out so that there is effective management of branches. Soon there will be a very noticeable change with more local events, more local campaigning, and more CF branches.

The ideas of Oliver Cooper, the Keith Jospeh of CF, are being realised under Team Paterson. A new generation of CFers are now in control. They are of all different ages, all different experiences, all different parts of the country.

But now the real revolution is here. CF has become a grass roots organisation of meaning in less than one month of Team Paterson being elected. The senior Tory party are starting to take note of this and I expect there to be a lot more benefits for ordinary CF members across Britain.

Alexandra Paterson and everyone on the national exec are leading a revolution for a better CF. The only people who seem to moan are those kicked out of the backslapping London based CF elite of old.

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