Now Hancock's 'Friend' Set to Face The Music.

Hot on the heels of the news that Mike Hancock is planning a comeback in 2015 comes another huge twist today.

Sources at the Portsmouth News are today reporting that Cllr Les Stevens, the man who said in January that, "I am protecting Mike because I am his friend" and was instrumental in covering up The Pascoe Report is set to be hauled before a special panel at the council on September 29th.

This follows a complaint made by Tory Councillor Steve Wemyss.

Mr Wemyss told TBG - "Cllr Stevens hasn't denied his friendship with Mr. Hancock. In my opinion he shouldn't have been participating in a process where a friend was being investigated."

Meanwhile, hours after saying Hancock was a "former friend", Gerald Vernon Jackson is today quoted saying - "‘Every single councillor has a relationship with Mike Hancock – all 42 of us – because he’s been a councillor for many years.

"There’s an argument that Cllr Donna Jones was Mike’s political enemy so therefore has a negative relationship with him and should not have serving on the panel.

"That’s the shortcoming of the legislation where councillors are judge and jury for their fellow councillors because inevitably they know each other."

Council Leader Donna Jones told TBG: "I absolutely deplore the comments made by Cllr Vernon-Jackson and Cllr Stevens as I have never had a falling-out of any kind or had an argument with Mike Hancock.

"Gerald and Les’s defence of Hancock and the ongoing investigation is a sad indictment of the toxic behaviour of the Lib Dem party in Portsmouth and this is exactly why they are no longer running Portsmouth City Council."