New Twist in Lib Dem Selection as More Money Wasted on Legal Expenses.

TWO OTHER main political parties in Portsmouth have reacted with concern to the news of Gerald Vernon Jackson's (GVJ) selection as Lib Dems Portsmouth South P.P.C.

Labour Group Leader John Ferrett who was at the forefront of the campaign for GVJ to resign for his actions over Mike Hancock told TBG that - "The Lib Dems have made a bad decision."

And Council Leader Donna Jones reacted by saying, "Gerald obviously has a profile in the city but that's not always a good thing if that profile is a negative one."

Despite being heavily defeated in the secret members' ballot Tamora Langley put on a brave face earlier telling her local rag that, "It was a good campaign".

Despite his selection there was some bad news for Gerald Vernon Jackson earlier when it was revealed that under his leadership Portsmouth Council paid over £7,000 in legal fees in order to suppress the Pascoe Report.