Calls for Miliband to be Replaced by Brown as Labour Leader Ducks TV Interviews.

Seems as though the Referendum in Scotland has sparked a crisis in the Labour Party.

TBG's roving reporter in Manchester can reveal that as comrades gather for conference there are lots of public mutterings of disquiet at the Labour Leader.

Such is the panic at Red Ed being bombarded with questions from journalists about his "non policy" on English Devolution, or should that be Labour evolution?, the Labour Leader has already pulled out of lots of television interviews.

TBG understands planned interviews with the various BBC regional political editors including the South's Peter Henley have been knocked on the head.

Poor Sky News' Dermot Murnaghan therefore has Harriet Harman to put up with instead.

There are even calls in some ranks for the return of Gordon Brown as Leader.

Now that's what you really call desperate!