A Voice for England - New UKIP Campaign Wants Scots Barred From Voting on English Matters.

SCOTLAND have voted 'No' to Independence, whatever the result was going to be it was going to strike up a constitutional crisis in the UK.

UKIP have been playing catch-up with Prime Minister David Cameron and the Conservatives today after the launch of a new campaign, 'A Voice for England', in an email to senior activists leaked to TBG.

The email details UKIP plans to bar Scottish MPs from voting on matters that only affect England. UKIP say they're, "Unhappy that Messrs Cameron, Miliband and Clegg saw fit, without an electoral mandate, to make a last minute vow to Scotland for increased powers and the continuation of the Barnett Formula. UKIP wants a new Constitutional Settlement for the UK which includes a fair deal for the 86% of the UK’s population who live in England."

UKIP say they "DEMAND" the following:

"1. English only votes in Westminster. I am today writing to all Scottish MPs asking for their commitment not to vote on English matters that would otherwise fall within devolved powers if they related to Scotland."

"2. Revision of the Barnett Formula. We want a full debate and vote in the House of Commons to rebalance this arbitrary and out-of-date concept."

"3. No taxation without equal representation. The Electoral Commission must determine new boundaries for the constituencies of Scottish MPs so that the average number of constituents more closely resembles that in England."

"4. A Constitutional Convention. Such a Convention needs to be rapidly established to put in place a plan for a Federal UK."