Monday, 29 September 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Shapps Hails New Tory Youth National Executive as 'Election Winning Formula'.

CF National Exec' - Chair' Alexandra Paterson center in black
TORY PARTY Chairman Grant Shapps has addressed the Conservative Future (CF) reception in Birmingham taking place at the Conservative Party conference, TBG can reveal.

Shapps sensationally hailed the new CF National Executive as, "The perfect formula for winning the 2015 election" in what is thought to be a strong show of support and big boost for new National Chairman Alexandra Paterson.

There has been a strong showing by the Tory Youth wing who are in buoyant mood as of late after many successful campaign trips known as 'RoadTrip2015', which buses activists up an down the country to campaign for local MP's and candidates, with hundreds in attendance on every occasion.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Youth Wing's Women and Drinking Problems.

99 Problems but... UKIP Youth Wing toast at Conference

YOUNG INDEPENDENCE (YI), the youth wing of UKIP, have apparently had a low turnout at this years conference that got underway, this past week, with a male dominated showing, TBG can reveal.

Chairman Jack Duffin has allegedly come under fire after the "Worst" YI turnout during a UKIP conference.

UKIP sources allege that Duffin sensationally stated at YI conference, when asked whether or not YI will help write policy for young people leading up to the general election, that "YI is not for ideas or policy writing. YI is for leafleting and drinking."

A YI activist told TBG - "I am certain past chairs who have often stated 'YI is not a drinking club' are not very pleased to here this outburst!"

But, a senior member of UKIP who is also a NEC member has stated today at conference that, "There is only room in this party for one face in YI, and that is Jack Duffin."

Other rumours swirling around in the conference bars suggest that Duffin did not write his own tweets during the YI Twitter Debate earlier this year but it was instead his deputy Thomas Hoof.

And a sensational bid for the YI chair position has already started to take shape, according to sources by one young member from the South West of England, with an experienced deputy chairman by their side.

The CF Revolution Is Here.

The CF Revolution is Here. A grassroots youth wing with meaning is starting to take shape up and down the country.

The national executive is organised, competent, and most importantly is in contact with the membership. For sure CF will be having a long period of stability and a massive increase in membership.

Across the country a regional base is being hammered out so that there is effective management of branches. Soon there will be a very noticeable change with more local events, more local campaigning, and more CF branches.

The ideas of Oliver Cooper, the Keith Jospeh of CF, are being realised under Team Paterson. A new generation of CFers are now in control. They are of all different ages, all different experiences, all different parts of the country.

But now the real revolution is here. CF has become a grass roots organisation of meaning in less than one month of Team Paterson being elected. The senior Tory party are starting to take note of this and I expect there to be a lot more benefits for ordinary CF members across Britain.

Alexandra Paterson and everyone on the national exec are leading a revolution for a better CF. The only people who seem to moan are those kicked out of the backslapping London based CF elite of old.

Elliott runs his own blog - #ThingsElliottSays

UKIP Crawley in Disarray.

UKIP's outgoing Chairman Lee Gilroy and Council Candidate Simon Darroch

UKIP in Crawley have lost their front man, Lee Gilroy, after the Chairman sensationally announced he is going to quit his post, TBG can reveal.

Tory turncoat Gilroy says he has stepped down so he can, "Concentrate on his business and other activities". However, it is rumoured Gilroy was told last Friday he couldn't be parliamentary candidate, "so he has thrown his toys out of the pram", according to one source.

Gilroy told local rag Crawley News - "I took on the role as acting chairman in 2013 and have enjoyed the role and it's been interesting.

"I believe that an AGM will be held now and a new chairman will be elected along with a committee."

TBG understands that UKIP in Crawley may struggle to create a committee due to low membership.

The only known active member of the UKIP branch, Simon Darroch, is set to run for a spot on the council in October after fellow 'Kipper & another Tory turncoat Karl Williamson also recently quit his local position as UKIP's only councillor. Darroch is also widely tipped to take over from Lee Gilroy as UKIP Crawley Chairman.

Darroch has been the subject of much scrutiny amongst the Crawley population after posts on his Facebook account entertain conspiracies such as whether Flight MH17 was downed by Western intelligence agencies. And the sharing of yet more posts by the racist organisation Britain First.

Conservative Future Launch Tory Conference Guide.

CF Conference Agenda

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE National Chairman Alexandra Paterson has launched the organsations first ever Conservative Party Conference guide, TBG can reveal.

TBG understands it is hoped that the guide can help CF'ers, "Have the best conference experience".

Alex Paterson said - "With this new National Executive, we decided to bring fresh ideas to CF. Ideas and plans that were expected of CF for a long time.

"When it comes to Party Conference, we are here to ensure that our members have the best experience, whether it is their first time or if they are regular. This guide will hopefully help CF'ers organise their diary and enjoy conference even more."

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Ed Miliband's Big Idea.

So, Red Ed Miliband's Big Idea is a Ten Year Plan to clear up the so-called "Tory Mess".

Has Mr Miliband never considered the scale of the mess his own party left behind?

A mess of young people's talents being left to rot as a direct result of Labour policy of open door migration.

A mess that made people better off claiming benefits as opposed to getting a job.

And the mess that left the British economy in so much debt that emergency measures had to be taken.

Under Cameron's Conservatives unemployment has fallen, inflation has fallen and the number of people taking home a wage is at record levels.

All Red Ed Miliband and his Labour Party stand for is the same Old Labour that would take us back to the same old mess thanks the same old failed policies that is tax and spend socialism gone completely mad.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Has UKIP's Candidate Been Telling Porkies?

Hot on the heels of UKIP's a 22 year old candidate for Uxbridge and Young Independence boss, Jack Duffin, laying into Boris Johnson TBG can reveal that he's not on his own when it comes to amateur squirming.

TBG can sensationally reveal that UKIP's candidate in the Middleton by-election John Bickley can give him a good run for his money.

Just a few months ago Bickley told a selection committee in Cheshire that he was from Wythemshawe.

Yet in election material sensationally leaked to TBG Bickley has since spouted that he grew up on a Middleton council estate.

How strange.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Calls for Miliband to be Replaced by Brown as Labour Leader Ducks TV Interviews.

Seems as though the Referendum in Scotland has sparked a crisis in the Labour Party.

TBG's roving reporter in Manchester can reveal that as comrades gather for conference there are lots of public mutterings of disquiet at the Labour Leader.

Such is the panic at Red Ed being bombarded with questions from journalists about his "non policy" on English Devolution, or should that be Labour evolution?, the Labour Leader has already pulled out of lots of television interviews.

TBG understands planned interviews with the various BBC regional political editors including the South's Peter Henley have been knocked on the head.

Poor Sky News' Dermot Murnaghan therefore has Harriet Harman to put up with instead.

There are even calls in some ranks for the return of Gordon Brown as Leader.

Now that's what you really call desperate!

VIDEO: Tory RoadTrip to Kingston & Surbiton.

EXCLUSIVE: Lib Dem Candidate Vernon Jackson Faces Bullying Probe.

With Mike Hancock finally gone you would think that the Portsmouth South Liberal Democrats would be in a rather jubilant mood this weekend. However, TBG can reveal that this is far from the case.

For, hot on the heels of TBG recently revealing that over eighty complaints about bullying have been filed from the time when Gerald Vernon Jackson was Leader of Portsmouth City Council, TBG can now sensationally reveal that Gerald is now the subject of a bullying complaint himself.

TBG understands that the complaining party this time is former Liberal Democrats member turned Independent councillor Eleanor Scott.

The complaint is said to center on a Liberal Democrats Leaflet that was distributed in Fratton Ward shortly after Eleanor left the party.

Another councillor believed to be involved in the probe is Gerald's close friend and fellow Liberal Democrats councillor David Fuller.

Now there's a surprise!

Friday, 19 September 2014

A Voice for England - New UKIP Campaign Wants Scots Barred From Voting on English Matters.

SCOTLAND have voted 'No' to Independence, whatever the result was going to be it was going to strike up a constitutional crisis in the UK.

UKIP have been playing catch-up with Prime Minister David Cameron and the Conservatives today after the launch of a new campaign, 'A Voice for England', in an email to senior activists leaked to TBG.

The email details UKIP plans to bar Scottish MPs from voting on matters that only affect England. UKIP say they're, "Unhappy that Messrs Cameron, Miliband and Clegg saw fit, without an electoral mandate, to make a last minute vow to Scotland for increased powers and the continuation of the Barnett Formula. UKIP wants a new Constitutional Settlement for the UK which includes a fair deal for the 86% of the UK’s population who live in England."

UKIP say they "DEMAND" the following:

"1. English only votes in Westminster. I am today writing to all Scottish MPs asking for their commitment not to vote on English matters that would otherwise fall within devolved powers if they related to Scotland."

"2. Revision of the Barnett Formula. We want a full debate and vote in the House of Commons to rebalance this arbitrary and out-of-date concept."

"3. No taxation without equal representation. The Electoral Commission must determine new boundaries for the constituencies of Scottish MPs so that the average number of constituents more closely resembles that in England."

"4. A Constitutional Convention. Such a Convention needs to be rapidly established to put in place a plan for a Federal UK."

Controversial MP Mike Hancock Resigns From Lib Dems.

On the same day that the Scotland Referendum dominated the airwaves and headlines, another story has hit the radar with rather strange timing.

According to today's Independent, Mike Hancock yesterday officially resigned from the Liberal Democrats.

This has sparked a huge debate over whether he will or will not stand at the General Election in May 2015.

TBG can't help but wonder whether this brings Cllr Michael Andrewes job as his chief staffer into question?

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Labour Can't be Trusted to Run The Economy.

The news that over 30.6 million people are now in work, that the number of unemployed people has fallen by 468,000 year on year and that the number of people claiming JSA is at its lowest level since 2008 does as the Prime Minister has said, prove that Britain's Long Term Economic Plan is working.

What it also provides is another reason why come the May 2015 General Election people should keep their faith in Cameron's Conservatives.

Labour can't be trusted to run the economy.

When they left office thousands of young people were unemployed and their talents went to waste at the expense of Labour's hatred of the private sector as proven by their bureaucracy and taxes and their love of open door immigration.

This should never be allowed to repeat itself.

Labour's reckless policies, written on the back of a fag packet, would ruin our economy all over again.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

EXCLUSIVE: CFTV Returns With Unionist Rally Promotion.


CFTV has sensationally returned to our screens after thousands of people attended a rally in Trafalgar Square, including Conservative Future activists, in support of Scotland staying in the United Kingdom, TBG can reveal.

The resurrection of the age-old Conservative Future brand is set to light-up the Tory youth wing with movies and promo's all the way into the 2015 General Election.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Tory Youth Chairman Paterson in Unionist Rally Cry.

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE National Chairman Alexandra Paterson has called upon Conservative activists to join herself and the CF National Executive for a rally "to save" the Union this Monday, TBG can reveal.

The unionist rally is set to take place at Trafalgar Square, London, at 6pm and will apparently have guests such as Paul McCartney and other celebrities.

The rally aims to promote the 'No' vote in the Scottish Independence Referendum & the Union is set to take place this coming Thursday, with the latest polls suggesting the contest is sensationally on a knife edge and could go either way.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Now Hancock's 'Friend' Set to Face The Music.

Hot on the heels of the news that Mike Hancock is planning a comeback in 2015 comes another huge twist today.

Sources at the Portsmouth News are today reporting that Cllr Les Stevens, the man who said in January that, "I am protecting Mike because I am his friend" and was instrumental in covering up The Pascoe Report is set to be hauled before a special panel at the council on September 29th.

This follows a complaint made by Tory Councillor Steve Wemyss.

Mr Wemyss told TBG - "Cllr Stevens hasn't denied his friendship with Mr. Hancock. In my opinion he shouldn't have been participating in a process where a friend was being investigated."

Meanwhile, hours after saying Hancock was a "former friend", Gerald Vernon Jackson is today quoted saying - "‘Every single councillor has a relationship with Mike Hancock – all 42 of us – because he’s been a councillor for many years.

"There’s an argument that Cllr Donna Jones was Mike’s political enemy so therefore has a negative relationship with him and should not have serving on the panel.

"That’s the shortcoming of the legislation where councillors are judge and jury for their fellow councillors because inevitably they know each other."

Council Leader Donna Jones told TBG: "I absolutely deplore the comments made by Cllr Vernon-Jackson and Cllr Stevens as I have never had a falling-out of any kind or had an argument with Mike Hancock.

"Gerald and Les’s defence of Hancock and the ongoing investigation is a sad indictment of the toxic behaviour of the Lib Dem party in Portsmouth and this is exactly why they are no longer running Portsmouth City Council."

Tory Youth National Exec' Big Meeting Success as Ice Cold Wine is Agreed to be Served at Conference.

Inside the Tory Youth Executive Big Meeting

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) National Executive were rumoured to be having a big meeting Thursday evening which included National Chairman Alexandra Paterson and all regional chairmen via telephones and Skype, as revealed exclusively on TBG.

After contacting the External Communications Officer, Mahyar Tousi was only prepared to comment that - "We have great plans for conference, RoadTrip2015 and even more... We will be announcing them to our members within the organisation."

TBG can reveal that CF will have a stand at Tory Conference and a huge event with "senior speakers and ice cold wine". Other sources have suggested it was the most productive CF National Executive meeting "ever".

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Tory Youth Wing 'Big Meeting' Underway.

TORY INSIDERS have whispered that the Conservative Future National Executive are currently holding their first "expanded leadership meeting" right now as this article is written, TBG can sensationally reveal.

Regional Chairmen from all over the country are said to be present, some in person, some on the phone and on Skype.

Sources say the purpose of the meeting is to set out the for the largest youth movement in the UK's plan in the run up to the General Election in May next year.

EXCLUSIVE: Hancock Gearing Up For 2015.

TBG can sensationally and exclusively reveal today that the utterly disgraced Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock IS AFTER ALL gearing up for the 2015 General Election.

As well as having seen top-secret documents sent by the Portsmouth South MP to a number of councillors in the city Hancock last week also stepped things up at Westminster by supporting the Liberal Democrats proposed changes to the so called "bedroom tax".

Hancock has also been on local airwaves voicing support for the family of Ashya King who are his constituents.

Even if Hancock were to lose as an Independent candidate in 2015 he would still qualify for a severance payment.

One of Hancock's opponents in 2015 is set to be former council leader Gerald Vernon Jackson.

Much to Hancock's dismay and the disbelief of local politicians in the city last week Gerald Vernon Jackson referred to Hancock in a local newspaper interview as a "former friend".

Which only begs the question: When did they fall out?

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

EXCLUSIVE: North Wales Tory Youth Fiasco - Sacked Chairman Set to Restand in Fresh Elections.

WALES CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) Chairman Ryan Hunter was elected unopposed recently to his post with the immediate task of appointing area chairmen for Wales CF. One appointment included the energetic Adam Kealey for North Wales who has been promptly dismissed after just a week in the post as CCHQ Wales say that North Wales is a "unique area" that needs a leadership election, TBG can exclusively reveal.

Top secret sources told TBG before recent Tory Youth National Elections that Kealey was leaned on by Welsh CF officials not to run against Hunter for the Welsh CF top job but should stand for area chairmanship instead. This came to fruition at the CF National Election when Hunter was elected unopposed and soon after appointed Kealey as North Wales CF Area Chairman.

Adam Kealey hit the ground running advertising for roles and appointing Matt Walker as deputy but has now been sensationally told he will no longer be the N.Wales CF Chairman and elections are to be held in earnest. Probably in a shady attempt to replace the young Tory activist, according sources.

Even after being pulled from pillar-to-post Kealey told TBG - "We were going to hold an election, but CCO decided that the regional chair for Wales should appoint instead. He (Ryan Hunter) offered me the Chairmanship a few Sundays ago, which is then when I hired Matthew Walker. I was so happy he excepted. Then the Regional chair said CCO have now decided that North Wales is a unique area and needs an elected Exec, so I'm going for Chair!"

The unprecedented fiasco, encouraged by Wales Conservative Campaign HQ, will now see Kealey put together a campaign he was allegedly told not to bother with by various people before, during and after CF National Elections.

One Welsh CF'er told TBG - "Adam would make a great chair so I don't see why people have interfered needlessly in the areas affairs."

Former OUCA Officer's 'Slut Shaming' Article Causes Huge Storm at Oxford University.

A FORMER Oxford University Conservative Association Membership Officer and appointed Editor of the Oxford Student Newspaper seems to have authored an article on the Oxford Student website, which has caused an almighty storm. The article apparently accused a rape complainant of telling fibs with the authors now themselves stood accused of "victim blaming" & "slut-shaming" by the Oxford Tab, TBG can sensationally reveal.

TBG understands that the OxStu article, titled "Sulllivan’s alleged rape victim knew her claims were false", stated - "Elsewhere, the same student is believed to have boasted of sleeping with 'Union hacks' who regularly feature in Oxford’s three student newspapers. She allegedly added that the allure of sexual encounters with well-known students was to develop a status as a 'conquest-collector'."

This promptly caused outrage in the student press which then drew a response from the student union, sending the OxStu editors on a £200 course on media law in London. This was met with more unhappiness and eventually a petition to get an apology from the Oxford Student paper, as well as to fire the Editor of the Oxford Student.

The petition currently has hundreds of signatures, and has only been up for just a few days.

TBG sources have pointed out that the article author in question is the same person who complained about misogyny last year, saying to the Cherwell that they, "Felt personally victimised by the sexist and misogynistic nature of the memes, especially as one of the few women on standing committee at the time... Still, perhaps he would do better to keep his misogyny more under wraps in the future."

The article has been removed by the Oxford Student, but continues to cause anger amongst Oxford University Students.

Tory MP Defies Party Officials and Welcomes Bow Group to City.

MAVERICK TORY MP for Peterborough Stewart Jackson seems set to sensationally defy Conservative Party officials and welcome the Bow Group to the city for a 'campaign day' set up in conjunction with Peterborough Conservatives & the Think Tank, TBG can reveal.

The event comes just one month after the Bow Group chairman was apparently sent a letter by lawyers for the Conservative Party dramatically telling him not to pass himself off as a Conservative. A move labeled by some reports as, "an unprecedented attack on a prominent conservative activist."

Leaving the Bow Group chairman having to respond to the "legal attack" stating - "It was therefore a disappointment, if not a surprise, to receive a call from someone on the Conservative Party's candidates list last night to inform me that unless I ceased to question this move towards a new Party structure I would be expelled from the Conservative Party for being a 'racist and homophobe'."

The Bow Group chairman has seemingly found himself at odds with the Tory leadership in recent months, particularly after the chairman's Conservative Grassroots forum's briefings and press releases denouncing equal marriage legislation & the "maintenance of democracy" due to the Bill going before The House "without mandate".

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Rowell And Vesey-Thompson Join Tory Youth National Executive.

Rowell (left) Vesey-Thompson (right)

POPULAR Yorkshire Tory activist Chris Rowell has been elected new Conservative Future (CF) Regional College Chairman by sitting CF regional chairmen to represent them on the National Executive, TBG can reveal.

Rowell exclusively told TBG - "I'm honoured to have been elected Chairman of the Regional College by my fellow regional chairmen. I'm here to offer them and the national exec the benefit of my experience running Yorkshire CF over the past year."

Former interim CF Deputy Chairman for Membership, Ellie Vesey-Thompson, has been awarded for her recent hard work and has been appointed to the Tory Youth National Executive as Director of Internal Communications. Ellie will be the link between the national exec' and the rest of the organisation, responsible for coordinating meetings and other arrangements such as the CF newsletter.

Ellie exclusively told TBG - "I'm happy to have been appointed to the national executive and look forward to working with the rest of the team in the upcoming election year. I am particularly glad that I have been appointed to this role as I believe communication with the membership of CF is something that needs a lot of improvement, and that is something I hope to support the rest of the team in doing."

Mike Hancock MP Breaks Silence Over 'Former Friend' Vernon Jackson.

TBG smelt a rat at the weekend when Gerald Vernon Jackson referred to Mike Hancock as his "former friend" in a local Portsmouth rag and after theblueguerilla's sensational selection story went viral.

Today the rat has finally come to life. Hancock is reported to have said - "I have nothing to say about Gerald Vernon Jackson. When I say it I will say it publicly at the appropriate time." Hardly an endorsement.

Radio Solent yesterday broadcast an interview with Mike Hancock, which apparently culminated in him hanging up on interviewer Jessica Parker.

A seemingly slurred Mike Hancock has also refused to rule out re-standing for the Portsmouth South seat as an Independent.

Monday, 1 September 2014

VIDEO: 300 Tory Activists Descend on Brighton for #RoadTrip2015.

New Twist in Lib Dem Selection as More Money Wasted on Legal Expenses.

TWO OTHER main political parties in Portsmouth have reacted with concern to the news of Gerald Vernon Jackson's (GVJ) selection as Lib Dems Portsmouth South P.P.C.

Labour Group Leader John Ferrett who was at the forefront of the campaign for GVJ to resign for his actions over Mike Hancock told TBG that - "The Lib Dems have made a bad decision."

And Council Leader Donna Jones reacted by saying, "Gerald obviously has a profile in the city but that's not always a good thing if that profile is a negative one."

Despite being heavily defeated in the secret members' ballot Tamora Langley put on a brave face earlier telling her local rag that, "It was a good campaign".

Despite his selection there was some bad news for Gerald Vernon Jackson earlier when it was revealed that under his leadership Portsmouth Council paid over £7,000 in legal fees in order to suppress the Pascoe Report.

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