Woodger Manifesto for London Released.

Woodger (left) with Mayor of London Boris Johnson (right)

MAXWELL WOODGER'S Manifesto for London CF has been released. TBG caught up with Maxwell commented - "I would like to largely continue what Clare Hilley, Nicolas Clark and Nabil Najjar did as chairs since London CF was re-established in 2009 through a mixture of fun socials and campaigning."

Wooger policies include:

  • Campaigning across London with Super Saturdays/Tube Trip 2015
  • Regular Phonevassing at CCHQ of London & outer area 2015 Target seats 
  • More engagement with London Universities through holding more events jointly 
  • A regular email bulletin of what Conservative events are going on in London 
  • Make sure CF in London get a fair say in the 2016 London Mayor & Assembly candidate selection -Hold an annual region conference 
  • Summer BBQ 
  • Christmas Party 
  • Debate Tournament 
  • Trips to Brussels & Strasbourg 

You can find out more on Maxwell's facebook group

The 2014 CF election will be the first time the regional election for London will be contested, as the previous 3 chairs were elected unanimously.