Wilkinson Launches Tory Youth National Chairman Bid With 'Good Buffet Spread'.

Wilkinson challenges rival Paterson to Leicester debate

Conservative Future National Chairman Candidate Jacob Wilkinson held a "packed" sensational launch party at his local Conservative Club in Leicester last night, which included £8.17 behind the bar which stretched to one pint of Abbot Ale and a single shot of Tia Maria with Baileys, TBG can reveal.

Wilkinson lavished praise on those who "put on a good buffet spread at the club", which included egg & cress corner sandwiches in white Hovis bread as well as finger bites including cocktail sausages and mini prawn volovants.

Jacob addressed those in attendance saying - "Thank you to all those who have backed my campaign so far. We are showing how a committed team of individuals can show that there is a real alternative to the current London clique".

Wilkinson held his launch party at the Knighton and Clarendon Park Conservative Club with VIP guest speaker, Cllr Ross Grant, who is a former parliamentary and mayoral candidate in Leicester, in attendance.

Cllr Ross Grant said, "I’ve known Jacob for many years, and I back him 100% in his bid to become CF National Chairman".

In a sad turn of events the cellar rooms, accessible via the Gents entrance, were unavailable due to recent work carried out on the Club and therefore the launch event was held in the Blue Committee Room.

Jacob added, "I am looking forward to the next stages of the campaign and I would like to challenge Alexandra Paterson to a debate here in Leicester".