Veteran Hilley Backs Springthorpe for London Tory Youth Chairman.

Luke Springthorpe

FORMER Chair' of Conservative Future (CF) Women, London CF and Deputy Chair' of National CF, Clare George-Hilley, has backed Luke Springthorpe in his bid to become London Conservative Future Chairman, TBG can sensationally reveal.

Ex-Croydon Tory Councillor Clare commented to TBG - "In 2009, I created London Conservative Future and know the level of commitment and professionalism required to be successful in this role. Having known Luke for a number of years I am confident that he will excel in his role as he is respectful to all members regardless of their views, coordinates successful campaign days and has an understanding of what it takes to manage such a large region. I wish him well and hope that Conservative Future members in London will offer him their full support."

Luke appears to be gaining an increasing amount of support in a campaign that is fast gathering momentum.

Interestingly, his campaign 'page' also has the same number of likes as that of the one dedicated to the whole of Team Paterson.