Uproar as Ballot Chaos in Tory Youth Elections Prevents Democracy.

ANOTHER Conservative Future (CF) national election has become embroiled in a ballot-gate scandal as hardworking activists and even branch Chairmen failed to receive correct ballot papers, or none at all, for internal Party elections, TBG can reveal.

TBG has been inundated with complaints about Conservative Campaign HQ (CCHQ) CF National Election operation, previous elections have caused similar outrage from members & activists.

Former CF National Deputy Sarah-Jane Sewell spoke out about the regularly occurring "balls-up" by the governing party - "Congratulations to the Conservative Party for well and truly ballsing up the ballot papers for the CF elections. People receiving ballots for the wrong region, people not receiving ballots at all. It's beyond a joke."

President of London School of Economics Conservative Society and self-proclaimed "MP's bag carrier", Josh Hitches, didn't receive a ballot for London so he contacted CCHQ only to be told that "nothing can be done", which he says is "absurd".

Other Tories who contacted TBG that failed to receive correct ballots or any ballot at all include 2 London branch chairmen, and several activists.

This might be the tip of the iceberg. One source told TBG - "Apparently it's very widespread, I know a London CF exec committee member who can't vote at all in the election! Some people have been awarded two votes, it's an absolute farce. Worst of all one of the candidates is also working at CCHQ on the very election she's running in."