Tory Youth National Chairman Candidate Wilkinson Stands Firm Over Palestine Support.

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) National Chairman Candidate Jacob Wilkinson has come under attack after a series of tweets and a twitter follow, for a local Leicester group named al-Aqsa who allegedly have "a dubious record on anti-Semitism", focussed attention on his pro-Palestinian views.

Wilkinson claims - "Just because I happen to follow a Leicester based Pro-Palestinian group on twitter, does not make me an anti-semite. I have never supported Hamas' actions, but I do question Israel's disproportionate response and the death of nearly 1800 innocent Palestinian men, women and Children."

"If friends of al-Aqsa is dodgy they have the federation of Muslim Organisations tweeting about them taking a petition to Downing Street about Gaza with local [Leicester] MPs" - added Wilkinson.

Influential & highly admired CF'er Stephen Hoffman has said to #ThingsElliottSays - "Friends of Al Aqsa is a group which goes past legitimate anti-Israel activity into the realms of anti-Semitism. There are also credible claims that they are sympathisers of Hamas. This is at a time when antisemitism in Europe is on the rise."

Wilkinson response seems to be one of indifference - "My views on the Israeli-Palestinian issue are long held and well known. This is nothing but a witch hunt against me because I hold a different view to Stephen Hoffman, who seems to be completely incapable of understanding that people might hold different opinions to himself."

TBG follows some dubious Twitter accounts also, not out of support though more intrigue. Hoffman & Co mention nothing of the ongoing atrocities being carried out in Gaza in the article.