Team Paterson Clean-up as Luke Wins London in Tory Youth Elections.

NEW Conservative Future National Chairman Alexandra Paterson

ALEXANDRA PATERSON has been elected the new Conservative Future (CF) National Chairman whilst her slate mates were all elected onto the Tory Youth National Executive and regional positions, with the exception of Charlotte Kude who was pipped to the post by the slick and professional campaign of Luke Springthorpe, TBG can sensationally reveal.

CF'ers are waking up this Saturday with a new team, backed by senior Tories as a RoadTrip2015 slate, in all major national executive places. The results are as follows:


Mr Andrew LeHegarat
Miss Alexandra Paterson - ELECTED
Mr Jacob Wilkinson

Deputy Chairman (Political)

Mr Stephen Canning - ELECTED UNOPPOSED

Deputy Chairman (Membership and Fundraising)

Miss India Brummitt - ELECTED UNOPPOSED

Appointed Officer (Best Practice Officer)

Miss Elizabeth Anderson
Miss Jenny Huynh
Miss Annabel Shaw - ELECTED

In a sensational fight for London, Luke Springthorpe dramatically overcame the odds with a well-run, media freindly campaign beating the juggernaut Team Paterson's Kude for the top job at London CF.

Sources alerted TBG yesterday that Springthorpe was feeling the pressure, "up against a team of people who have access to oodles of data and seemingly have a shrewd idea of where the votes are on Merlin."

New London CF Chairman Luke Springthorpe told TBG - "I thank Charlotte for running a clean campaign and wish her all the best. I look forward to getting the job done over the next year."

CF National Chairman elect Alexandra Paterson said - "Delighted to have been elected as CF National Chairman. Thank you to everyone who voted for me!"