Springthorpe Wins London Chairmen Backing.

LONDON CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) Chairman candidate Luke Springthorpe has sensationally landed the support of four London Area CF Chairmen, describing Luke as having "unique qualities" to lead London CF, TBG can reveal.

Andreas Nicolaides, Ben Green, Elizabeth Anderson and Louise Nathanson say that Springthorpe's "unique qualities" extend to, "having life and career experience combined with his long service to London Conservative Future".

The influential London Area Chair's also cite Lukes organisational skills with regards to, "a number of fun events such as a huge regional conference, trips to Brussels, BBQ’s, dinners and debates and having been instrumental in the formation and organisation of the first TubeTrip 2015 action day."

The race for the top job in London is on full burn as of late after Maxwell Woodger dropped out of the race and backed Luke's rival Charlotte Kude.

Letter From London Area Chairmen