Outgoing Conservative Future National Executive Cast Ballots.

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) National Chairman Oliver Cooper has sensationally urged members to vote Alexandra Paterson for National CF Chairman and annunced he voted Charlotte Kude for London CF Chairman, whilst lavishing them with praise, TBG can reveal.

Cooper told CF members - "I've known Alex for seven years, having got her interested in politics; I've seen the hard work that Alex has done with organising RoadTrip2015 and urge everyone to vote for her.

"Charlotte is one of the most approachable people I know, going to every event she can and talking to every member. Her work ethic has taken her to innumerable campaign days across the country - both with RoadTrip and at her own endeavour - and we need every ounce of that effort to turn London blue. She has been a fantastic ambassador for CF and would make a great chairman of London CF."

In stark contrast former National Executive Deputy Chairman Sarah-Jane Sewell, who recently resigned over abhorrent treatment, announced that she voted Jacob Wilkinson for CF National Chairman and Luke Springthorpe for London CF Chairman.

The two Tory Youth heavyweights seem to have never seen eye-to-eye in an ongoing feud that will rumble on and on.