EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Youth Fund Duffin's 'Bodyguards'.

LEAKED: UKIP Youth Chairman Duffin claims "Bodyguards" on expenses

YOUNG INDEPENDENCE (YI), the youth wing of UKIP, have come under fire as their conference kicked off in Birmigham after a leaked conversation involving its Leader Jack Duffin reveals YI did fund two extra persons to the NUS conference earlier in the year, allegedly to act as "bodyguards", TBG can sensationally reveal.

The confidential source told TBG - "I attach a screenshot of a previous Facebook group conversation regarding Jack Duffin, NUS and his bodyguards. As you can see, two people went with him that YI paid for."

It's been speculated that some YI members are growing inpatient with Duffin's leadership, YI have also suffered from high profile resignations from YI & UKIP since his election including Alexandra Swann and Sanya Jeet.