EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth National Chairman Cooper Set to Address Team Paterson Launch Party & Back Slate Candidates.

OLIVER COOPER, Conservative Future (CF) National Chairman, will sensationally stand up in front of hundreds of young Tory activists later tonight to give a speech and lend his support to the #RoadTrip2015 slate, Team Paterson, TBG can exclusively reveal.

Turn out is expected to high this evening when Alexandra Paterson will officially launch Team Paterson's manifesto for the CF National Elections on a posh boat in Central London. Some of the policies that will be included:

  • Make campaigning in the 40:40 marginal seats the focus of Conservative Future. 
  • Expand RoadTrip2015 across the UK and form closer associations with local CF branches. ­
  • Organise regular, well attended and productive campaign days in the 40:40 seats. ­
  • Work together with the Conservative Party Team2015 initiative. 
  • Hold regular canvassing training sessions for CF members to ensure that they feel confident when discussing issues with people on the doorstep. 
  • Organise public speaking training for CF members who wish to improve and hone their communication skills. ­
  • The Chairman will attend Q & A sessions in every region so that there is effective communication and accountability. 
  • A monthly online Google Hangout session which members can use to contact the Executive personally regardless of their location in the UK.