EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth Chairman Hails Activists as Carswell & UKIP Set to Face Thousands of Conservatives in Clacton.

UKIP and their newest recruit & Tory MP defector Douglas Carswell are set to receive an almighty Tory backlash at the hands of thousands of Conservative Party activists when #RoadTrip2015 hits the seat of Clacton, after the defection triggered a by-election just months before the General Election, TBG can reveal.

Conservative Future (CF) created a Facebook 'Volunteer Force' Group for Clacton and within just one hour numbers hit 1000 CF members.

The cheeky stage managed move by Farage & Co has managed to cause a ripple effect among activists of Conservative Future, the youth wing of the Tory Party, with over 1,300 energised members signing up in just a few hours to descend on Clacton when the Conservative Party's RoadTrip2015 initiative heads to the constituency before any by-election is held.

TBG understands that the National CF Executive made the group in an attempt to up their social media game. Brand new Conservative Future National Chairman Alexandra Paterson exclusively told TBG - "I'm absolutely delighted that so many CF members have already committed to supporting the Party in Clacton with RoadTrip2015. We need to show that if the British people want to have a say in an EU referendum, have a growing economy and better public services, they need to vote Conservative."

CF Director of External Communications Mahyar Tousi said - "This year, we will be using every possible measure on social media and other platforms to help campaign for the Conservative party. We will make more announcements in the future."