EXCLUSIVE: Tamora Goes Favourite as Hancock Goes Missing.

Tamora Langley

NEW TORY target seat of Portsmouth South is starting to get really interesting.

Word has reached TBG that former Council Leader Gerald Vernon Jackson is sensationally on the brink of defeat in the battle for the Liberal Democrats nomination in the south of the city.

TBG has been told that even some of Gerald's own fellow councillor's are backing Tamora Langley not just because of her "savvy" campaigning style but because they too are unhappy with the FAKE inquiry exposed by TBG.

The news comes on the day that a tweet posted by the editor of Political Scrapbook seemed to suggest that Mike Hancock MP may not be in hospital after all.

Which begs the question where do the Lib Dems go from here? Not far according to a source in Tamora's old seat of Lewisham Deptford. Whilst Tamora has been bragging about how well she did in 2010 TBG has learnt that despite Labour unpopularity the Lib Dems gained just 1 SEAT on the council that year and Tamora was as missing then as Hancock is now.