EXCLUSIVE: Rob Halfon MP Backs Team Paterson as Another RC Candidate Joins RoadTrip Slate.

TORY MP Robert Halfon has sensationally declared his support for Conservative Future (CF) #RoadTrip2015 National Election slate #TeamPaterson, TBG can reveal.

Halfon says he is, "delighted to hear that Alexandra is standing as the National Chairman of Conservative Future. I have every confidence she would make a wonderful CF Chairman."

The Tory MP told TBG - "I have seen from the hard work that she does with RoadTrip2015 that she is a dynamic and hardworking individual. She has the drive and ability to motivate the grassroots and ensure that CF resources are properly utilised around the country in the run up to the general election."

Alexandra Paterson exclusively commented - "CF should work hard – and play hard. That’s what I’ll bring to the table as CF Chairman and that's why I want you to join me as I launch my campaign.

"So please come join me onboard the Tattershall Castle where there'll be money behind the bar, some great music and some lovely views!"

There's more good news for Team Pateson as they have announced to TBG that Anthony Harrison will join the slate as its North West Chairman candidate.

Harrison told TBG - "As the Chairman of the North West Conservative Future I will ensure that all members from right across the North West region are united in order to provide a strong campaign machine in the approaching election year.

"With Alex leading the Conservative Future National Executive, I believe will give us the strongest chance of ensuring that all CF members are out campaigning hard for an outright Conservative win in 2015. I believe she is the right person to unite all areas and groups within CF to ensure we have the numbers on the ground leading into this crucial election year. That is why I'm proud to be #TeamPaterson."

National CF Deputy Chairman Political candidate Stephen Canning commented - "As a CF Deputy Chairman and local Councillor, he has learnt a lot about what is required for CF to play its part in leading the North West to success in all of their 40:40 seats. I wish him the very best of luck!"