EXCLUSIVE: More Candidates Back Team Paterson Ahead of Launch Party as Chairman Candidate Compared to Churchill.

TEAM PATERSON backers continue to line up after East Midlands Conservative Future (CF) Chairman candidate Sam Armstrong and London CF candidate Charlotte Kude joined the horde of endorsements publicly backing #TeamPaterson, TBG can exclusively reveal.

Alexandra Paterson has even sensationally been compared to "our nation's great leader", Winston Churchill, ahead of her launch party tonight, as a "figure of unwavering loyalty, impressive leadership and was ultimately magnificently sound".

Armstrong exclusively told TBG - "CF is about to be plunged into the deepest, darkest war of its existence. The General Election warrants a leader of extraordinary elasticity, tenacity and capacity. It requires a figure who was thrust into the limelight rather than seeking it.

"When Britain was in its darkest hour, its most dreaded war, it turned to a hardened battle-veteran with a legacy of delivery. Churchill was a figure of unwavering loyalty, impressive leadership and was ultimately magnificently sound. Alexandra Paterson is in many ways a reflection of our nation's great leader: up and down the Country she has fought before and won, her work in #Roadtrip2015 has demonstrated her unmatched capacity to lead and deliver and she is quite frankly one of the soundest right wingers in the CF today.

"I will be supporting Alexandra to the hilt - I am convinced she will go down as one of CF's greatest ever chairmen."

Charlotte Kude revealed to TBG: "Roadtrip2015 is the most ambitious campaigning project our party has ever developed. Alex, India, Stephen and Annabel have been working on it tirelessly since the very beginning to support marginal seats and we need to make sure that they are able to do so up until the general election. This is why I will be voting Team Paterson!"

Alexandra Paterson seems excited that she is gaining backers left, right and center - "I'm delighted that both are backing #TeamPatterson. What it shows is that we are a broad movement that appeals to everyone, and that echoes in the vision we have for a CF that is welcoming and open. If we campaign together, we will win together."