EXCLUSIVE: Kude Fans Light-up London Tory Hustings as Bow Group Dumped.

Charlotte Kude (left) and Luke Springthorpe (right)

LONDON Conservative Future (CF) hustings brought a rousing rabble of Tory Youth members to Walkers of Whitehall last night to see London CF Chairman candidates Charlotte Kude and Luke Springthorpe battle it out amongst the flowing gin, vodka and brown ale, TBG can reveal.

Punches were thrown between candidates when each of them interrupted one and other during the Q&A session chaired by the interim London CF chairman Thomas Borwick.

When both asked about their involvement in other political/charity organisations, sources say Luke decided not to mention his involvement in the controversial Bow Group, despite a baying crowd shouting "what about Bow Group". One CF'er told TBG, "it was rather awkward."

Both contestants were also asked "how many CF branches there are in London", to which neither knew the answer.

But the loudest moment of the event seemed to take place when Kude said she's a eurosceptic and Luke said he was not. With an audience that included right-wing journo's, Springthorpe's answer apparently "could have been better", according to sources.

Outgoing CF National Chairman Oliver Cooper also made a speech afterwards, which was probably his last speech ever as Leader of the UK's largest youth movement.