EXCLUSIVE: Conservative Future National Chairman Candidate Jacob Wilkinson Set For Anti-Paterson Launch Party.

JACOB WILKINSON is set to hold his Tory Youth National Chairman campaign launch party OUTSIDE London, in Leicester, in what could be seen as an anti-Paterson party, TBG can exclusively reveal.

Wilkinson will be holding the launch party for his bid at the Knighton and Clarendon Park Conservative Club, Clarendon Park Road, Leicester.

The party kicks off at 8pm on Wednesday 6th August and Jacob says "all are welcome to attend" with no need to register in advance. In stark contrast to rival Alexandra Paterson's launch party, Wilkinson says - "There will be £8.17 behind the bar, so get there quick!" - declared Jacob.

Insiders from the Wilkinson camp say the event itself will be held in, "the cellar rooms, which are accessible via the entrance to the gentleman’s toilets at the back of the club."

Jacob told TBG - "I am very excited to be launching my campaign at my local Conservative Club. It will be a fantastic evening, everyone is welcome and I am planning on having a VIP attend. There will be some money behind the bar, but once that runs out it's buy your own booze".