EXCLUSIVE: CF Scotch Egg Summit Sensation.

ACTIVISTS in Conservative Future, the youth wing of the Tory Party, are sensationally planning a lavish picnic election hustings on Parsons Green, London Spin can reveal.

Organisers have told this newspaper that the posh village green has been selected for the debating clash in the well-to-do borough Hammersmith and Fulham.

The event is expected to attract hundreds of young Tories keen to probe candidates for the position of National Chairman. The race has so far included threats of legal action, muck throwing, smear sites and offensive comments – too shocking to print in a family newspaper.

Guests will be encouraged to bring their own picnics to the village green including Courgette and broccoli quiches and scotch eggs.

Well-placed sources have confirmed to our reporter that Tory veteran Robert-John Tasker is expected to be offer the role of Chairman for the debate. "Tasker is to Conservative Future Hustings what David Dimbleby is to a general election, without him it would be shit."

The debate, expected to be announced in the coming days, has already been dubbed the 'Scotch Egg Summit' by youngsters involved.

Mr Tasker was not returning calls to this newspaper.