Cooper Coup Complete.

Cooper endorses Team Paterson at launch party last week

OLIVER COOPER, Leader of the Tory Youth wing, has officially yielded to a coup d'etat by Tory activists, as predicted by theblueguerilla. Cooper sensationally backed #TeamPaterson and threw his weight behind Alexandra Paterson to replace him as Conservative Future (CF) Chairman, TBG can reveal.

The ground-breaking announcement came at Team Paterson's launch party onboard The Tattershall Castle, a posh boat in Central London, last week. There was a noticeable "absentee" from the party which led one CF'er to question if - "They were above deck pulling the strings."

Alexandra Paterson, #TeamPaterson candidate for National Chairman, told TBG - "It was an absolute honour to welcome so many people onboard The Tattershall Castle for the launch of our Conservative Future election campaign, and it was a true privilege be joined by Oliver Cooper."

Cooper & Co now see Paterson as the unifying candidate and will be hoping their supporters lend Paterson votes in the upcoming CF National ballot, in which ferocious campaigning has already begun.

PICTURES of the event can be found here.

#TeamPaterson candidate for Deputy Chairman Political, Stephen Canning, said - "The launch night was great fun, and it was fantastic to get to meet so many people who I hope agree with our vision of a hard campaigning, hard winning Conservative Future."

India Brummitt, #TeamPaterson candidate for Deputy Chairman Membership exclusively told TBG - "Speaking to people at the launch party showed me why what we're doing is so important. We need to step through the wardbrobe and make Conservative Future the amazing campaigning force we know it can be."

Annabel Shaw, #TeamPaterson candidate for Best Practice Officer said - "It's only the start of the campaign, but I've enjoyed every minute of it so far and in the exact same way I will enjoy the challenge of making sure Conservative Future is fit for purpose ready for 2015."