Andrew Le Hegarat in Tory Youth National Chairman Bid Telling Members to 'Chill Out & Get a Grip'.

LONDON South-East Conservative Future (CF) Deputy Chairman, Andrew Le Hegarat has sensationally launched a bid to become the next National CF Chairman, "in reaction to those who care more about their egos than the effectiveness and success of the party", TBG can exclusively reveal.

Le Hegaret's will join battle with Alexandra Paterson and Jacob Wilkinson for CF's top job, potential candidate Alexander Stafford was not returning calls to TBG.

Andrew's manifesto will set out three priorities for the Chairmanship, aside from overseeing CF’s contribution to helping to get a Conservative majority Government elected next year. These are:
  • Ensuring CF Members have access to opportunities held across the country not just in London – helping CF members with training that can apply to career applications 
  • Making CF a more social as a well as political organisation 
  • Restore value in party membership

Andrew told TBG that he believes "CF takes itself far too seriously", and it is "having a detrimental effect on the way that the organisation is seen". Particularly, he points out, by "potential members who share the values and ideas of CF but are put off by the infighting and egos".

Le Hegarat has twice stood for election to Maidstone Borough Council in 2010 and 2012, and as Deputy Chairman (Political) of London South-East CF he has helped organise campaign days across the area to try hold onto many marginal council wards.

Andrew Le Hegarat exclusively told TBG - "I got involved with CF as a way to pursue an interest and meet new people. What I’ve seen from the leadership of CF over the last few years is an institution that cares more about egos and fancy titles than achieving something. I’m standing because I want a CF that delivers for its members and the wider general public, not for its leadership. It’s about time that someone with a bit of real-world experience should lead CF through this next year, and I am the best person to offer this. The best way for CF to assist in a Conservative majority in 2015, is by choosing a leader who understands and has experienced the problems faced by real people."

His campaign website can be found at http://andrewforchairman.blogspot.co.uk