Former Tory Sleaze King Set For Dramatic Return.

NEIL HAMILTON and Nigel Farage aren't friends at the best of times so you can imagine the UKIP Leader's fury when he reads this.

TBG can sensationally reveal that the former sleaze king wants to be the party's candidate for the 2015 General Election in the UKIP target seat of Boston and Skegness.

Along with Thanet South, based on in-roads in council elections and on paper it's probably one of UKIP's best hopes especially now that sitting Tory Mark Simmonds announced he's off in 2015 too.

However, TBG has learned of a couple of spanners that may enter the works to stop Hamilton from a sensational return to the frontline.

One is fellow kipper and former Tory Robin Hunter Clarke who has refused to confirm or deny he has applied and another is a good Tory candidate being lined up in the shape and form of local businessman Kelly Smith.

Smith came second in an open primary for Louth and Horncastle recently and the rumour is that as well as one planned for Clacton there's also one coming to Boston and Skegness.

UKIP Councillor Fletcher in Anti-Carswell Rant.

Click here for more on UKIP Cllr Samuel Fletcher

Hancock's Mate Vernon Jackson Selected as Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate.

The Liberal Democrats in Portsmouth South last night took a huge risk by selecting Gerald Vernon Jackson (GVJ) as their Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the 2015 General Election, TBG can reveal.

GVJ, as he is known to colleagues, was selected despite the fact that he and his party are implicated in a number of scandals at the council.

GVJ once accused Mike Hancock's victim of being "in it for the money". He was also Leader of Portsmouth Council when Lib Dems attempted to cover-up the Pascoe Report, and TBG can also reveal that since he left the role over EIGHTY complaints have been made as regards "bullying" at the council when he was Leader.

It's not yet known whether, like GVJ's close friend Lord Rennard, Mike Hancock plans to threaten the party with legal action over the selection or indeed if he plans to stand as an Independent himself so as to qualify for a leaving parachute payment for defeated sitting MPs.

One man who was happy at the move last night though was Cllr Lee Hunt who said GVJ was, "the best candidate".

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth Chairman Hails Activists as Carswell & UKIP Set to Face Thousands of Conservatives in Clacton.

UKIP and their newest recruit & Tory MP defector Douglas Carswell are set to receive an almighty Tory backlash at the hands of thousands of Conservative Party activists when #RoadTrip2015 hits the seat of Clacton, after the defection triggered a by-election just months before the General Election, TBG can reveal.

Conservative Future (CF) created a Facebook 'Volunteer Force' Group for Clacton and within just one hour numbers hit 1000 CF members.

The cheeky stage managed move by Farage & Co has managed to cause a ripple effect among activists of Conservative Future, the youth wing of the Tory Party, with over 1,300 energised members signing up in just a few hours to descend on Clacton when the Conservative Party's RoadTrip2015 initiative heads to the constituency before any by-election is held.

TBG understands that the National CF Executive made the group in an attempt to up their social media game. Brand new Conservative Future National Chairman Alexandra Paterson exclusively told TBG - "I'm absolutely delighted that so many CF members have already committed to supporting the Party in Clacton with RoadTrip2015. We need to show that if the British people want to have a say in an EU referendum, have a growing economy and better public services, they need to vote Conservative."

CF Director of External Communications Mahyar Tousi said - "This year, we will be using every possible measure on social media and other platforms to help campaign for the Conservative party. We will make more announcements in the future."

Tory Youth Wing Suffers Protest Resignations Over RoadTrip2015 Slate Victory.

RESIGNATIONS have followed the election of #RoadTrip2015 slate member Anthony Harrison as North-West Conservative Future (CF) Chairman, defeating popular incumbent Jonathan Levy, TBG can exclusively reveal.

Area Chairman and Secretary of Cheshire and Wirral have both apparently sensationally resigned in protest at the result in the North-West. Outgoing Chairman Melissa Smillie says an area chairman needs to "have confidence in CF regionally and nationally", clearly she doesn't.

One source from the north-west told TBG they were, "Devastated to have lost an absolutely excellent regional and area chairman in one night."

Team Paterson Clean-up as Luke Wins London in Tory Youth Elections.

NEW Conservative Future National Chairman Alexandra Paterson

ALEXANDRA PATERSON has been elected the new Conservative Future (CF) National Chairman whilst her slate mates were all elected onto the Tory Youth National Executive and regional positions, with the exception of Charlotte Kude who was pipped to the post by the slick and professional campaign of Luke Springthorpe, TBG can sensationally reveal.

CF'ers are waking up this Saturday with a new team, backed by senior Tories as a RoadTrip2015 slate, in all major national executive places. The results are as follows:


Mr Andrew LeHegarat
Miss Alexandra Paterson - ELECTED
Mr Jacob Wilkinson

Deputy Chairman (Political)

Mr Stephen Canning - ELECTED UNOPPOSED

Deputy Chairman (Membership and Fundraising)

Miss India Brummitt - ELECTED UNOPPOSED

Appointed Officer (Best Practice Officer)

Miss Elizabeth Anderson
Miss Jenny Huynh
Miss Annabel Shaw - ELECTED

In a sensational fight for London, Luke Springthorpe dramatically overcame the odds with a well-run, media freindly campaign beating the juggernaut Team Paterson's Kude for the top job at London CF.

Sources alerted TBG yesterday that Springthorpe was feeling the pressure, "up against a team of people who have access to oodles of data and seemingly have a shrewd idea of where the votes are on Merlin."

New London CF Chairman Luke Springthorpe told TBG - "I thank Charlotte for running a clean campaign and wish her all the best. I look forward to getting the job done over the next year."

CF National Chairman elect Alexandra Paterson said - "Delighted to have been elected as CF National Chairman. Thank you to everyone who voted for me!"

EXCLUSIVE: Kude Fans Light-up London Tory Hustings as Bow Group Dumped.

Charlotte Kude (left) and Luke Springthorpe (right)

LONDON Conservative Future (CF) hustings brought a rousing rabble of Tory Youth members to Walkers of Whitehall last night to see London CF Chairman candidates Charlotte Kude and Luke Springthorpe battle it out amongst the flowing gin, vodka and brown ale, TBG can reveal.

Punches were thrown between candidates when each of them interrupted one and other during the Q&A session chaired by the interim London CF chairman Thomas Borwick.

When both asked about their involvement in other political/charity organisations, sources say Luke decided not to mention his involvement in the controversial Bow Group, despite a baying crowd shouting "what about Bow Group". One CF'er told TBG, "it was rather awkward."

Both contestants were also asked "how many CF branches there are in London", to which neither knew the answer.

But the loudest moment of the event seemed to take place when Kude said she's a eurosceptic and Luke said he was not. With an audience that included right-wing journo's, Springthorpe's answer apparently "could have been better", according to sources.

Outgoing CF National Chairman Oliver Cooper also made a speech afterwards, which was probably his last speech ever as Leader of the UK's largest youth movement.

Red Ed Miliband's Cheek Over Pending Train Fare Increases.

What an absolute cheek of Red Ed Miliband's Labour Party and their financial backers in the trades union movement to complain about pending train fare increases.

The very system used to calculate fare rises was introduced by the last Labour Government and it has been the same with the exception of last year every since.

The difference between Labour and the Conservatives is because inflation remains low, fare rises are kept to a minimum.

What's more, because the Government's Long Term Economic Plan is working inflation remains low, the economy is growing and unemployment continues to fall.

I remember all too well the days when there were over one million young people unemployed. Do readers want a return to these days? I think not!

Which is why I say stick with a growing economy, stick with falling unemployment, stick with falling inflation by sticking with Cameron's Conservatives.

Uproar as Ballot Chaos in Tory Youth Elections Prevents Democracy.

ANOTHER Conservative Future (CF) national election has become embroiled in a ballot-gate scandal as hardworking activists and even branch Chairmen failed to receive correct ballot papers, or none at all, for internal Party elections, TBG can reveal.

TBG has been inundated with complaints about Conservative Campaign HQ (CCHQ) CF National Election operation, previous elections have caused similar outrage from members & activists.

Former CF National Deputy Sarah-Jane Sewell spoke out about the regularly occurring "balls-up" by the governing party - "Congratulations to the Conservative Party for well and truly ballsing up the ballot papers for the CF elections. People receiving ballots for the wrong region, people not receiving ballots at all. It's beyond a joke."

President of London School of Economics Conservative Society and self-proclaimed "MP's bag carrier", Josh Hitches, didn't receive a ballot for London so he contacted CCHQ only to be told that "nothing can be done", which he says is "absurd".

Other Tories who contacted TBG that failed to receive correct ballots or any ballot at all include 2 London branch chairmen, and several activists.

This might be the tip of the iceberg. One source told TBG - "Apparently it's very widespread, I know a London CF exec committee member who can't vote at all in the election! Some people have been awarded two votes, it's an absolute farce. Worst of all one of the candidates is also working at CCHQ on the very election she's running in."

Outgoing Conservative Future National Executive Cast Ballots.

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) National Chairman Oliver Cooper has sensationally urged members to vote Alexandra Paterson for National CF Chairman and annunced he voted Charlotte Kude for London CF Chairman, whilst lavishing them with praise, TBG can reveal.

Cooper told CF members - "I've known Alex for seven years, having got her interested in politics; I've seen the hard work that Alex has done with organising RoadTrip2015 and urge everyone to vote for her.

"Charlotte is one of the most approachable people I know, going to every event she can and talking to every member. Her work ethic has taken her to innumerable campaign days across the country - both with RoadTrip and at her own endeavour - and we need every ounce of that effort to turn London blue. She has been a fantastic ambassador for CF and would make a great chairman of London CF."

In stark contrast former National Executive Deputy Chairman Sarah-Jane Sewell, who recently resigned over abhorrent treatment, announced that she voted Jacob Wilkinson for CF National Chairman and Luke Springthorpe for London CF Chairman.

The two Tory Youth heavyweights seem to have never seen eye-to-eye in an ongoing feud that will rumble on and on.

Elizabeth Anderson Pledges Glitz & Glamour as Best Practice Officer.

ELIZABETH ANDERSON has surged with a final push at gaining votes for her bid to become Conservative Future (CF) Best Practice Officer (BPO), as internal Tory Party voting begins, telling TBG, "my priority is on creating a strong and supportive locally-driven branch focus."

Anderson says she wants, "to give the BPO role a real focus, rather than being an add-on. This includes a glitzy awards ceremony, how-to guides gathering the best advice from around the whole country and getting processes right at the centre."

Anderson's manifesto can be viewed here.

"I have experience from across the CF hierarchy, as well as from a number of other positions both through employment and volunteering. I feel I can bring a lot to this role" - added Elizabeth.

Springthorpe Wins London Chairmen Backing.

LONDON CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) Chairman candidate Luke Springthorpe has sensationally landed the support of four London Area CF Chairmen, describing Luke as having "unique qualities" to lead London CF, TBG can reveal.

Andreas Nicolaides, Ben Green, Elizabeth Anderson and Louise Nathanson say that Springthorpe's "unique qualities" extend to, "having life and career experience combined with his long service to London Conservative Future".

The influential London Area Chair's also cite Lukes organisational skills with regards to, "a number of fun events such as a huge regional conference, trips to Brussels, BBQ’s, dinners and debates and having been instrumental in the formation and organisation of the first TubeTrip 2015 action day."

The race for the top job in London is on full burn as of late after Maxwell Woodger dropped out of the race and backed Luke's rival Charlotte Kude.

Letter From London Area Chairmen

EXCLUSIVE: Tamora Goes Favourite as Hancock Goes Missing.

Tamora Langley

NEW TORY target seat of Portsmouth South is starting to get really interesting.

Word has reached TBG that former Council Leader Gerald Vernon Jackson is sensationally on the brink of defeat in the battle for the Liberal Democrats nomination in the south of the city.

TBG has been told that even some of Gerald's own fellow councillor's are backing Tamora Langley not just because of her "savvy" campaigning style but because they too are unhappy with the FAKE inquiry exposed by TBG.

The news comes on the day that a tweet posted by the editor of Political Scrapbook seemed to suggest that Mike Hancock MP may not be in hospital after all.

Which begs the question where do the Lib Dems go from here? Not far according to a source in Tamora's old seat of Lewisham Deptford. Whilst Tamora has been bragging about how well she did in 2010 TBG has learnt that despite Labour unpopularity the Lib Dems gained just 1 SEAT on the council that year and Tamora was as missing then as Hancock is now.

Kude Welcomes Woodger U-Turn in Tight Race for London Conservative Future.

CHARLOTTE KUDE has made a huge leap forward in her campaign to become London Conservative Future (CF) Chairman, after Maxwell Woodger quit the race and lined-up behind Kude and juggernaut #RoadTrip2015 slate Team Paterson, TBG can reveal.

Charlotte Kude's opponent Luke Springthorpe seems to have early momentum going into the race which has led to sources streesing that Kude has welcomed the dramatic u-turn by Woodger.

The Deputy Chairman Political of London Conservative Future, Maxwell Woodger, says he didn't think he had the required support to win the election and endorses Charlotte Kude in a statement:

"After careful consideration I have decided to withdraw my candidacy for London Regional Chairman in the Conservative Future August 2014 elections. While I believe I would have been a good candidate for chair, I feel my support base would not have been sufficient enough to win this time. I might try again in future.

"Out of the two remaining candidates I endorse Charlotte Kude for London CF Chairman. Charlotte is a very impressive CFer. She campaigns across the country and is the right candidate in an all-important election year when there are many marginal parliamentary seats in and around London that need to be defended and won.

"I have known Charlotte for many years, she a key part of my Kensington, Chelsea & Fulham CF exec serving as secretary and organising events. I nominated her as NW London CF Area Chairman in 2013 and she has done a great job developing branches across London.

"I hope to remain on the London CF Exec and look forward to working with the new team."

Andrew Le Hegarat in Tory Youth National Chairman Bid Telling Members to 'Chill Out & Get a Grip'.

LONDON South-East Conservative Future (CF) Deputy Chairman, Andrew Le Hegarat has sensationally launched a bid to become the next National CF Chairman, "in reaction to those who care more about their egos than the effectiveness and success of the party", TBG can exclusively reveal.

Le Hegaret's will join battle with Alexandra Paterson and Jacob Wilkinson for CF's top job, potential candidate Alexander Stafford was not returning calls to TBG.

Andrew's manifesto will set out three priorities for the Chairmanship, aside from overseeing CF’s contribution to helping to get a Conservative majority Government elected next year. These are:
  • Ensuring CF Members have access to opportunities held across the country not just in London – helping CF members with training that can apply to career applications 
  • Making CF a more social as a well as political organisation 
  • Restore value in party membership

Andrew told TBG that he believes "CF takes itself far too seriously", and it is "having a detrimental effect on the way that the organisation is seen". Particularly, he points out, by "potential members who share the values and ideas of CF but are put off by the infighting and egos".

Le Hegarat has twice stood for election to Maidstone Borough Council in 2010 and 2012, and as Deputy Chairman (Political) of London South-East CF he has helped organise campaign days across the area to try hold onto many marginal council wards.

Andrew Le Hegarat exclusively told TBG - "I got involved with CF as a way to pursue an interest and meet new people. What I’ve seen from the leadership of CF over the last few years is an institution that cares more about egos and fancy titles than achieving something. I’m standing because I want a CF that delivers for its members and the wider general public, not for its leadership. It’s about time that someone with a bit of real-world experience should lead CF through this next year, and I am the best person to offer this. The best way for CF to assist in a Conservative majority in 2015, is by choosing a leader who understands and has experienced the problems faced by real people."

His campaign website can be found at http://andrewforchairman.blogspot.co.uk

'Am I the Only Person Who Finds National CF Goings-on Exceedingly Annoying? Please Tell Me I'm Not.'

By Leon French

I was actually going to stand in the CF elections but in the end, after chatting to a friend of mine about it, I decided not to. Why? Because I really don't want to devote my time to something that really doesn't matter. Don't get me wrong, I admire the people who are standing, but I can't help but think that some people and some CF blogs are taking these elections far too seriously, as if these elections are actually going to have any bearing on the General Election next year. I bring up the General Election because some candidates are doing so also... Stop it. The electorate don't care that you want a position in an organisation they've never heard of.

I heard Tim Stanley on the BBC talking about youth politics and it reminded me of these CF elections. "Because I'm the head of the committee in charge of paper clips in my local Conservative Association, I'm going to be the Prime minister some day." Yes, this is the attitude in youth politics as a whole (British Youth Parliament, British Youth Parliament, all of the youth groups in political parties etc) and I'm more than happy to admit that sometimes I do come across as though I have the answer to everything and that I know everything, such is the idealism of youth. I'm also more than happy to admit I have a hell of a lot of life-learning to do before i can really stick my toe in the murky waters of politics. Are the candidates in the CF elections willing to do so?

Honestly, I don't know if I'm going to vote in these elections. Do I actually need to? Can I be bothered to vote in such an election that means bugger all? Probably not. But we'll see when it comes to it.

I might be criticised for seeming like I'm not taking all of this seriously and that perhaps I'm far too relaxed about it all. Well that's because I don't take any of it seriously and I'm very relaxed about it all. Frankly, I don't think whoever wins the CF Chair Election will affect the result in my home constituency of Don Valley. Gareth Shanks could win it for all I care. It'd mean sod all because ordinary hard working people don't care about these elections.

So seriously now, stop thinking this election is more important than it actually is and please come back down to Earth. No one really cares about your priorities because most people are used to these being forgotten anyway. No one really cares who is endorsing you because it's clear for anyone with half a brain cell that everyone is endorsing each other and endorsements mean bugger all anyway (especially for the candidates who have previously said that the CF elections don't matter anyway... You know who you are!)

Can people just please take a step back and realise that they are not politicians for a moment and remember that they are young people who don't have the answer to all of life's problems? Please? Just for a minute?

People might take you seriously then.

EXCLUSIVE: How it's Gerald vs Tamora for the Lib Dems Ticket in Portsmouth South.

Tamora Langley

MIKE HANCOCK will almost certainly not be a runner but TBG has learnt the details of the two main riders for the Liberal Democrats Prospective Parliamentary Candidacy in the new Tory target seat of Portsmouth South for the 2015 General Election.

TBG can exclusively reveal that as well as Gerald Vernon Jackson there's big opposition in the form of high-flyer Tamora Langley.

Langley stood in Lewisham Deptford in 2010 but has since moved into a house in a new development off the main Eastern Road in the Baffins area which ironically sits a few yards over the border in Portsmouth North. Tamora recently criticised a change in parking policy in the city on her Twitter feed.

TBG understands that the result is expected at the end of the month.

'Capable' Springthorpe Lands Backing From Two Top London Universities.

TORY YOUTH London Chairman candidate Luke Springthorpe has received the backing from two top universities in the Capital for his bid in to lead London Conservative Future (CF), TBG can reveal.

LSE Conservative Society and BPP Conservative Future London have both declared for Springthorpe.

A senior BPP figure told TBG - "BPP are pleased to announce our support for Luke Springthorpe as London CF Chairman. Having worked with him on delivering the London Conservative Future conference, it is clear that he is someone who is able to lead on delivering top events that are both fun and constructive, as well as an ability to attract speakers of the highest calibre.

"We believe he has the experience, vision and ideas to help support branches like our grow and expand and we are pleased to endorse him for that reason."

While sources at LSE say - "We're officially endorsing Luke Springthorpe for London CF Chairman. He is very capable and immensely motivated. We believe he is the candidate that will deliver the best change for LSESU Tories."

London candidate Luke Springthorpe commented - "It's great to have the backing of students across London, who I want to see play a far greater role in the running of London Conservative Future. It also comes down to how we support them in what they do though. That's why I'd hold 'open' London CF executive meetings and rotate around different campuses, support CF members seeking election to the NUS and work with CF Young Professionals & professional trainers to run interview training sessions and CV workshops."

EXCLUSIVE: Bow Group Under Spotlight as Video Emerges of Heavy Handed Tactics During AGM.

VIDEO EVIDENCE has emerged that seems to show heavy handed tactics being used at Bow Group elections at its AGM in 2010, which were covered in The Guardian, TBG can exclusively reveal.

The footage looks as if it depicts a cameraman asking the Bow Group's current leader some questions at the 2010 AGM only for some heavies, under orders, to immediately tumble the camera operator from the room.

A voice in the video is sensationally heard asking - "Are you going to fight me, this is your glorious election night."

The Bow Group havn't had any elections since 2011 when its current Leader was elected and a "Sullivan, Rimmer & co" slate was allegedly "banned" from standing, according to sources.

Cooper Coup Complete.

Cooper endorses Team Paterson at launch party last week

OLIVER COOPER, Leader of the Tory Youth wing, has officially yielded to a coup d'etat by Tory activists, as predicted by theblueguerilla. Cooper sensationally backed #TeamPaterson and threw his weight behind Alexandra Paterson to replace him as Conservative Future (CF) Chairman, TBG can reveal.

The ground-breaking announcement came at Team Paterson's launch party onboard The Tattershall Castle, a posh boat in Central London, last week. There was a noticeable "absentee" from the party which led one CF'er to question if - "They were above deck pulling the strings."

Alexandra Paterson, #TeamPaterson candidate for National Chairman, told TBG - "It was an absolute honour to welcome so many people onboard The Tattershall Castle for the launch of our Conservative Future election campaign, and it was a true privilege be joined by Oliver Cooper."

Cooper & Co now see Paterson as the unifying candidate and will be hoping their supporters lend Paterson votes in the upcoming CF National ballot, in which ferocious campaigning has already begun.

PICTURES of the event can be found here.

#TeamPaterson candidate for Deputy Chairman Political, Stephen Canning, said - "The launch night was great fun, and it was fantastic to get to meet so many people who I hope agree with our vision of a hard campaigning, hard winning Conservative Future."

India Brummitt, #TeamPaterson candidate for Deputy Chairman Membership exclusively told TBG - "Speaking to people at the launch party showed me why what we're doing is so important. We need to step through the wardbrobe and make Conservative Future the amazing campaigning force we know it can be."

Annabel Shaw, #TeamPaterson candidate for Best Practice Officer said - "It's only the start of the campaign, but I've enjoyed every minute of it so far and in the exact same way I will enjoy the challenge of making sure Conservative Future is fit for purpose ready for 2015."

Wilkinson Launches Tory Youth National Chairman Bid With 'Good Buffet Spread'.

Wilkinson challenges rival Paterson to Leicester debate

Conservative Future National Chairman Candidate Jacob Wilkinson held a "packed" sensational launch party at his local Conservative Club in Leicester last night, which included £8.17 behind the bar which stretched to one pint of Abbot Ale and a single shot of Tia Maria with Baileys, TBG can reveal.

Wilkinson lavished praise on those who "put on a good buffet spread at the club", which included egg & cress corner sandwiches in white Hovis bread as well as finger bites including cocktail sausages and mini prawn volovants.

Jacob addressed those in attendance saying - "Thank you to all those who have backed my campaign so far. We are showing how a committed team of individuals can show that there is a real alternative to the current London clique".

Wilkinson held his launch party at the Knighton and Clarendon Park Conservative Club with VIP guest speaker, Cllr Ross Grant, who is a former parliamentary and mayoral candidate in Leicester, in attendance.

Cllr Ross Grant said, "I’ve known Jacob for many years, and I back him 100% in his bid to become CF National Chairman".

In a sad turn of events the cellar rooms, accessible via the Gents entrance, were unavailable due to recent work carried out on the Club and therefore the launch event was held in the Blue Committee Room.

Jacob added, "I am looking forward to the next stages of the campaign and I would like to challenge Alexandra Paterson to a debate here in Leicester".

EXCLUSIVE: CF Scotch Egg Summit Sensation.

ACTIVISTS in Conservative Future, the youth wing of the Tory Party, are sensationally planning a lavish picnic election hustings on Parsons Green, London Spin can reveal.

Organisers have told this newspaper that the posh village green has been selected for the debating clash in the well-to-do borough Hammersmith and Fulham.

The event is expected to attract hundreds of young Tories keen to probe candidates for the position of National Chairman. The race has so far included threats of legal action, muck throwing, smear sites and offensive comments – too shocking to print in a family newspaper.

Guests will be encouraged to bring their own picnics to the village green including Courgette and broccoli quiches and scotch eggs.

Well-placed sources have confirmed to our reporter that Tory veteran Robert-John Tasker is expected to be offer the role of Chairman for the debate. "Tasker is to Conservative Future Hustings what David Dimbleby is to a general election, without him it would be shit."

The debate, expected to be announced in the coming days, has already been dubbed the 'Scotch Egg Summit' by youngsters involved.

Mr Tasker was not returning calls to this newspaper.

EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Youth Launch Devastating Attack on Team Paterson.

YOUNG INDEPENDENCE (YI), the youth wing of UKIP, plan to launch a blistering attack on the favourite to become the next Conservative Future (CF) National Chairman, Alexandra Paterson, TBG can sensationally reveal.

TBG understands YI Leader Jack Duffin plans to "clean up" the Conservative Future chairperson electee, according to sources.

An inside source told TBG - "Duffin and YI are preparing to launch a huge blitz on Paterson when she is elected for alleged funding and support of a former Tory Parliamentary Candidate"

It seems rumour mill in YI recently, especially at the recent YI conference, has been mostly devoted to "the antics of team Paterson in CF".

YI sources say that a senior Tory, "Has been bank rolling the entire RoadTrip2015 and is electioneering the entire CF election to ensure a pro Young Briton Foundation and Road trip slate are elected to help rebuild his credibility."

Other rumours in YI in regards to team Paterson include, "the use of smears to force out anyone who challenges Alex Paterson for the Chairmanship."

"YI is on the march" - added the source.

EXCLUSIVE: BBQ Plot Hopes to Skewer Paterson Campaign.

A PLOT to launch a devastating counter-attack against the juggernaut Paterson campaign will be set in motion this weekend, London Spin can reveal.

The flame-grilled conspiracy will see a fresh candidate dramatically entering the most explosive and controversial race in Conservative Future’s history. The revelations will send shockwaves through the many hundreds of Paterson supporters who gathered for a posh wine-drenched launch party on the Thames last night. The star-studded bash, equipped with blue helium balloons, was attended by some of the organisation’s most prestigious figures including celebrity guest star The Hoff.

Leaked details of the conspiracy – seen by this newspaper – include a check-list of campaign items comprising of branding, placards and a timetable for endorsements from senior MPs. The dossier also included a detailed memo on the cuisine that will be served-up to hungry conspirators this Sunday. Tasty treats include minted lamb kebabs marinated in lemon zest and Greek yoghurt. Other delicacies on the menu included crispy cumberland sausages and salmon fillets coated in garlic butter.

When our reporter approached the alleged ring-leader in the BBQ plot, they slammed the door after saying, "Things are not right at the moment and this will change things."

This newspaper has established that the majority of BBQ meat will be purchased in Waitrose, whilst the finger buns and lemonade will be acquired from downmarket Aldi stores South of the river.

Tory Youth National Chairman Candidate Wilkinson Stands Firm Over Palestine Support.

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) National Chairman Candidate Jacob Wilkinson has come under attack after a series of tweets and a twitter follow, for a local Leicester group named al-Aqsa who allegedly have "a dubious record on anti-Semitism", focussed attention on his pro-Palestinian views.

Wilkinson claims - "Just because I happen to follow a Leicester based Pro-Palestinian group on twitter, does not make me an anti-semite. I have never supported Hamas' actions, but I do question Israel's disproportionate response and the death of nearly 1800 innocent Palestinian men, women and Children."

"If friends of al-Aqsa is dodgy they have the federation of Muslim Organisations tweeting about them taking a petition to Downing Street about Gaza with local [Leicester] MPs" - added Wilkinson.

Influential & highly admired CF'er Stephen Hoffman has said to #ThingsElliottSays - "Friends of Al Aqsa is a group which goes past legitimate anti-Israel activity into the realms of anti-Semitism. There are also credible claims that they are sympathisers of Hamas. This is at a time when antisemitism in Europe is on the rise."

Wilkinson response seems to be one of indifference - "My views on the Israeli-Palestinian issue are long held and well known. This is nothing but a witch hunt against me because I hold a different view to Stephen Hoffman, who seems to be completely incapable of understanding that people might hold different opinions to himself."

TBG follows some dubious Twitter accounts also, not out of support though more intrigue. Hoffman & Co mention nothing of the ongoing atrocities being carried out in Gaza in the article.

EXCLUSIVE: James Baird Set to Run Against Dickinson For South East CF Chairman.

James Baird (center)

SURREY AREA Conservative Future (CF) Chairman James Baird has announced this morning that he will seek election to the South East regional CF chairmanship, taking the fight to Dickinson & Team Paterson, exclusively on TBG.

Speaking exclusively to TBG, James said - "I had calls from a few friends within hours of the announcement going out, asking me to stand for the South East regional chairmanship. Having given it some thought over the last week, I came to the conclusion that if those people think I am the right man for the job, I should give other members the chance to decide whether they feel the same.

"As Surrey area chairman, I’m already working with several other areas in the South East on some joint events, and innovative ways to make our respective areas flourish. All of these ideas and events could easily be scaled up to cover the whole of the region."

Baird has apparently already attracted endorsements from a number of local members. Runnymede & Weybridge CF member Harry Wilkinson, a keen #RoadTrip2015 activist, said - "Surrey CF has undoubtedly gone from strength to strength thanks to James Baird’s tireless work as area chairman, who would certainly apply the same resolve to the position of South East regional CF chairman. The South East needs someone with a proven campaigning record in the run up to the crucial election in 2015 and in James Baird we have just the man to lead from the front."

James has certainly got the campaign experience to back up his bid, having first joined the party in 2004 whilst at university, in the run up to the 2005 general election, where he was a key activist on Ben Wallace’s campaign in Lancaster & the Wyre (pre-boundary changes), and helped Ben to achieve a 4,652 vote swing to take the seat from the Labour incumbent.

Surrey sources tell TBG that James has been active campaigning locally in Surrey, working on campaigns at all three levels of local government (County, Borough / District, and Parish Councils). He was also involved in Sam Gyimah’s parliamentary campaign in 2010, and campaigned hard for Boris’ re-election in 2012. He also campaigned actively in the European elections in both 2009 and this year when he was also a local candidate, losing narrowly to UKIP by 57 votes but pushing the incumbent Lib Dem into third place.

One CF'er told TBG - "With a history like his, it’s easy to see why it isn’t only CF members who have been vocal in their support of James."

Wider party Surrey area deputy chairman, and South East MEP candidate from this year’s elections, Graham Knight said, "James brings a brand of enthusiasm, commitment and intelligence to CF that’s encouraging. His ambition and strategic thinking points the way towards the future of our Party."

When TBG asked about his manifesto, Baird said - "I have a number of ideas for the region, centred around increasing membership, and making sure that all members know what’s going on. In such a critical year, we all need to do as much campaigning as we can, to ensure we have a Conservative majority when we wake up on Friday 8th May next year. But good campaigning means we need to keep things fun as well, so I would also be organising a number of region-wide social events."

Asked when he will publish his manifesto, James replied - “I’m still confirming that a couple of my ideas are viable, so watch this space for more news!"

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth National Chairman Cooper Set to Address Team Paterson Launch Party & Back Slate Candidates.

OLIVER COOPER, Conservative Future (CF) National Chairman, will sensationally stand up in front of hundreds of young Tory activists later tonight to give a speech and lend his support to the #RoadTrip2015 slate, Team Paterson, TBG can exclusively reveal.

Turn out is expected to high this evening when Alexandra Paterson will officially launch Team Paterson's manifesto for the CF National Elections on a posh boat in Central London. Some of the policies that will be included:

  • Make campaigning in the 40:40 marginal seats the focus of Conservative Future. 
  • Expand RoadTrip2015 across the UK and form closer associations with local CF branches. ­
  • Organise regular, well attended and productive campaign days in the 40:40 seats. ­
  • Work together with the Conservative Party Team2015 initiative. 
  • Hold regular canvassing training sessions for CF members to ensure that they feel confident when discussing issues with people on the doorstep. 
  • Organise public speaking training for CF members who wish to improve and hone their communication skills. ­
  • The Chairman will attend Q & A sessions in every region so that there is effective communication and accountability. 
  • A monthly online Google Hangout session which members can use to contact the Executive personally regardless of their location in the UK.

Donnithorne Under Fire 'While the South West Burns'.

Donnithorne slammed over "self promotion"

SOUTH WEST Conservative Future (SW CF) has been thrown into battle after Sara Fazal declared she is standing for SWCF Chair' against Team Paterson candidate Connor Donnithorne.

Some concerned CF'ers have contacted TBG to express their, "dissatisfaction with Donnithorne in the region".

Sources comment that Donnithorne has used the official SWCF account to promote his campaign, and his tenure as SWCF chair has been "full of self-promotion".

A CF source told TBG - "Connor is very heavy on photos of himself, while no branch creation has happened, Cornwall has had no CF activity for at least two years. Donnithorne just fiddles while the South West burns."

Time for Conservative Future National Election Hustings.

2013 CF hustings with Deighton and Cooper

With Team Paterson on a ‘road trip’ to complete victory, TBG ponders whether it’s time for one of Conservative Future’s infamous election hustings.

Last year hustings took place in Epsom, London and Leeds, to name just three – with some astonishing results:

EPSOM: (1) Holmes 53% (2) Cooper 35% (3) Robinson 12%
LONDON: (1) Cooper 37% (2) Holmes 33% (3) Robinson 28%
LEEDS: (1) Cooper/Holmes 37.5% each (3) Deighton 25%

Many CF'ers are wondering whether the frontrunners have a much easier task this year. Will anyone step up to the challenge and organise one?

EXCLUSIVE: More Candidates Back Team Paterson Ahead of Launch Party as Chairman Candidate Compared to Churchill.

TEAM PATERSON backers continue to line up after East Midlands Conservative Future (CF) Chairman candidate Sam Armstrong and London CF candidate Charlotte Kude joined the horde of endorsements publicly backing #TeamPaterson, TBG can exclusively reveal.

Alexandra Paterson has even sensationally been compared to "our nation's great leader", Winston Churchill, ahead of her launch party tonight, as a "figure of unwavering loyalty, impressive leadership and was ultimately magnificently sound".

Armstrong exclusively told TBG - "CF is about to be plunged into the deepest, darkest war of its existence. The General Election warrants a leader of extraordinary elasticity, tenacity and capacity. It requires a figure who was thrust into the limelight rather than seeking it.

"When Britain was in its darkest hour, its most dreaded war, it turned to a hardened battle-veteran with a legacy of delivery. Churchill was a figure of unwavering loyalty, impressive leadership and was ultimately magnificently sound. Alexandra Paterson is in many ways a reflection of our nation's great leader: up and down the Country she has fought before and won, her work in #Roadtrip2015 has demonstrated her unmatched capacity to lead and deliver and she is quite frankly one of the soundest right wingers in the CF today.

"I will be supporting Alexandra to the hilt - I am convinced she will go down as one of CF's greatest ever chairmen."

Charlotte Kude revealed to TBG: "Roadtrip2015 is the most ambitious campaigning project our party has ever developed. Alex, India, Stephen and Annabel have been working on it tirelessly since the very beginning to support marginal seats and we need to make sure that they are able to do so up until the general election. This is why I will be voting Team Paterson!"

Alexandra Paterson seems excited that she is gaining backers left, right and center - "I'm delighted that both are backing #TeamPatterson. What it shows is that we are a broad movement that appeals to everyone, and that echoes in the vision we have for a CF that is welcoming and open. If we campaign together, we will win together."

EXCLUSIVE: Conservative Future National Chairman Candidate Jacob Wilkinson Set For Anti-Paterson Launch Party.

JACOB WILKINSON is set to hold his Tory Youth National Chairman campaign launch party OUTSIDE London, in Leicester, in what could be seen as an anti-Paterson party, TBG can exclusively reveal.

Wilkinson will be holding the launch party for his bid at the Knighton and Clarendon Park Conservative Club, Clarendon Park Road, Leicester.

The party kicks off at 8pm on Wednesday 6th August and Jacob says "all are welcome to attend" with no need to register in advance. In stark contrast to rival Alexandra Paterson's launch party, Wilkinson says - "There will be £8.17 behind the bar, so get there quick!" - declared Jacob.

Insiders from the Wilkinson camp say the event itself will be held in, "the cellar rooms, which are accessible via the entrance to the gentleman’s toilets at the back of the club."

Jacob told TBG - "I am very excited to be launching my campaign at my local Conservative Club. It will be a fantastic evening, everyone is welcome and I am planning on having a VIP attend. There will be some money behind the bar, but once that runs out it's buy your own booze".

Veteran Hilley Backs Springthorpe for London Tory Youth Chairman.

Luke Springthorpe

FORMER Chair' of Conservative Future (CF) Women, London CF and Deputy Chair' of National CF, Clare George-Hilley, has backed Luke Springthorpe in his bid to become London Conservative Future Chairman, TBG can sensationally reveal.

Ex-Croydon Tory Councillor Clare commented to TBG - "In 2009, I created London Conservative Future and know the level of commitment and professionalism required to be successful in this role. Having known Luke for a number of years I am confident that he will excel in his role as he is respectful to all members regardless of their views, coordinates successful campaign days and has an understanding of what it takes to manage such a large region. I wish him well and hope that Conservative Future members in London will offer him their full support."

Luke appears to be gaining an increasing amount of support in a campaign that is fast gathering momentum.

Interestingly, his campaign 'page' also has the same number of likes as that of the one dedicated to the whole of Team Paterson.

EXCLUSIVE: Rob Halfon MP Backs Team Paterson as Another RC Candidate Joins RoadTrip Slate.

TORY MP Robert Halfon has sensationally declared his support for Conservative Future (CF) #RoadTrip2015 National Election slate #TeamPaterson, TBG can reveal.

Halfon says he is, "delighted to hear that Alexandra is standing as the National Chairman of Conservative Future. I have every confidence she would make a wonderful CF Chairman."

The Tory MP told TBG - "I have seen from the hard work that she does with RoadTrip2015 that she is a dynamic and hardworking individual. She has the drive and ability to motivate the grassroots and ensure that CF resources are properly utilised around the country in the run up to the general election."

Alexandra Paterson exclusively commented - "CF should work hard – and play hard. That’s what I’ll bring to the table as CF Chairman and that's why I want you to join me as I launch my campaign.

"So please come join me onboard the Tattershall Castle where there'll be money behind the bar, some great music and some lovely views!"

There's more good news for Team Pateson as they have announced to TBG that Anthony Harrison will join the slate as its North West Chairman candidate.

Harrison told TBG - "As the Chairman of the North West Conservative Future I will ensure that all members from right across the North West region are united in order to provide a strong campaign machine in the approaching election year.

"With Alex leading the Conservative Future National Executive, I believe will give us the strongest chance of ensuring that all CF members are out campaigning hard for an outright Conservative win in 2015. I believe she is the right person to unite all areas and groups within CF to ensure we have the numbers on the ground leading into this crucial election year. That is why I'm proud to be #TeamPaterson."

National CF Deputy Chairman Political candidate Stephen Canning commented - "As a CF Deputy Chairman and local Councillor, he has learnt a lot about what is required for CF to play its part in leading the North West to success in all of their 40:40 seats. I wish him the very best of luck!"

Woodger Manifesto for London Released.

Woodger (left) with Mayor of London Boris Johnson (right)

MAXWELL WOODGER'S Manifesto for London CF has been released. TBG caught up with Maxwell commented - "I would like to largely continue what Clare Hilley, Nicolas Clark and Nabil Najjar did as chairs since London CF was re-established in 2009 through a mixture of fun socials and campaigning."

Wooger policies include:

  • Campaigning across London with Super Saturdays/Tube Trip 2015
  • Regular Phonevassing at CCHQ of London & outer area 2015 Target seats 
  • More engagement with London Universities through holding more events jointly 
  • A regular email bulletin of what Conservative events are going on in London 
  • Make sure CF in London get a fair say in the 2016 London Mayor & Assembly candidate selection -Hold an annual region conference 
  • Summer BBQ 
  • Christmas Party 
  • Debate Tournament 
  • Trips to Brussels & Strasbourg 

You can find out more on Maxwell's facebook group

The 2014 CF election will be the first time the regional election for London will be contested, as the previous 3 chairs were elected unanimously.

Dickinson Joins Tory Youth Juggernaut Election Slate Team Paterson.

THEODORA DICKINSON is set to run for South East Regional Chairman under the #TeamPaterson banner, TBG can reveal.

Upon the game changing announcement Dickinson said - "I believe Alexandra Paterson will make a truly fantastic CF National Chairman. Through her previous involvement with the Conservative Party she has priven herself to be an exceptionally hard working, committed and capable individual, and can be counted on 100% to deliver the strong leadership that Conservative Future Members deserve."

Speaking exclusively to TBG, Theodora outlined some of her plans - "We are lucky to have so many branches in the South East. I will work hard to support existing areas and branches, without interference or dictation.

"Other regions run successful conferences for CF members. I will introduce a yearly Conservative Future Conference in the South East, to include policy debates, political training, and plenty of socialising.

"We already campaign hard across the region, and the Road Trip 2015 initiative has proved that campaigning can be fun. To boost this, I will organise regional Super Saturday Campaign Days every month, and will seek funding to make sure that all activists have travel costs reimbursed, and are rewarded with food and drinks.

"Our emails to regional officers all too often don't get a prompt response, or sometimes even go unanswered. I will reply to all communications within 72 hours. We have lots of great events in the South East. I will make sure there is a weekly round-up email of all events to maximise attendance across the region.

"I will arrange a sponsored event at the Conservative Party Conference this September for the South East region."

TBG asked Eastern Region CF Chairman Cllr Stephen Canning, candidate for Deputy Chairman Political, for his thoughts: "Theodora is a absolutely lovely person with a fantastic personality, a hard work ethic and some great ideas. I wish her the very best of luck and am shaw she'd be great in the role!"