YI in Crisis.

I think YI is coming to a crisis point. In the near-ish future Young Independence will become nothing more than a few teenagers controlled and dragged around by the party. Certainly not a youth movement.

Check either my blog or TBG's and you will see lots of stories about Jack Duffin's rise to power and how he is trying to manipulate the membership. YI members seem to be correct when they say that Duffin is launching as a 'cull of the libertarians'. It would also seem that in Duffin's YI everyone must think like him and do only what he says. This means Young Indpendence cannot work as a youth movement.

The libertarian section is vital to the future of YI not just because it makes up a large portion of the membership. Free thought and debate is the most essential part of a youth movement. Without this there can be no 'real' youth group. And look at the results of Duffin's actions. Not only are important members leaving left, right and centre but high up UKIP people are being turned off by YI's extremist leadership. YI is becoming Duffin's play thing.

YI is in crisis because it cannot survive if it continues down this path. But sadly for the Kippers it will do. The damage done cannot be reversed and Duffin is fused to the organisation like a limpet to a rock.

Obviously before I have half a dozen kippers post "oh but you're a Tory and so you're biased" I'd like to say yes I am a Tory and I am biased to some extent against YI. But these are the comments who is pretty reliably informed about what is going on and can take an honest observation. Also members shouldn't look for excuses in YI's problems.

Young Independence may be as a percentage the fastest expanding youth organisation but how many of those members are active participants? In reality the YI brain drain far outweighs the current increases.

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