'Yet Again the Conservatives Have Cleaned up the Mess'.

So, yet again, as has been the case with every Labour Government since 1945, the Conservatives have cleaned up the mess the socialists left behind.

Yet in my opinion both this and the Long Term Economic Plan doesn't guarantee success for David Cameron in 2015.

If the Conservatives want to win they need to work to win and that means a combination of good campaigning as we have seen with #RoadTrip2015 and #TubeTrip2015 and zealous policies that go further than Labour could even dream of.

Policies like lowering tax credits in favour of higher tax allowances to encourage work over dependency.

Policies like cutting the higher tax rate that would inject more money into the economy.

And policies like de-regulating the state and giving more power back to the individual.

However, its also about telling the sceptics that this isn't right wing Conservatism but in actual fact is Common Sense Conservatism.