The Day Gerald Said Sorry.

After four years of both torment and smears its emerged that under-pressure Liberal Democrat Gerald Vernon Jackson has finally said sorry to Mike Hancock MP's victim 'Annie', TBG can reveal.

According to quotes from the letter, published in today's Portsmouth News, Cllr Jackson grovels - "I accepted Mike Hancock's assurances, and in this I was wrong. My acceptances also meant that I did not accept your word, and again, in this, I was wrong.

"I am therefore writing to apologise to you in accepting Mike Hancock's assurances about his actions with you, and for not accepting your complaint.

"I am not writing this letter because someone has told me to do so, but because I need to acknowledge what I got wrong, and because my actions may have made matters worse."

Yet despite this, Portsmouth Liberal Democrats still refuse to discipline Mike Hancock MP.

In Portsmouth reaction to the latest developments has again been very sceptical.

Comments on the local News web site include quotes such as - "Each passing week exposes more of the staggering venality running through the middle of Portsmouth Lib Dems. When is the new all-party council going to investigate the parts played by the Chief Executive and City Solicitor in this cover-up?"

Far from it being almost over TBG thinks the story has much more to run and far more twists to come.