RoadTrip2015 Spin-Off Show Set For Launch as TubeTrip2015 Hits Croydon.

ROADTRIP2015 has seen much successes since its launch just a few months ago, so much so the Conservatives have already announced a sensational spin-off show entitled TubeTrip2015.

It's unknown if TubeTrip2015 receive the same ratings as the original series. It could turn out like Casualty and Holby City, more of the same, uncalled for and a bit slower with no reason RoadTrip2015 couldn't go to such destinations. Or Cheers and Frasier, two good shows but for completely different and sound reasons.

Plus a ride from a-2-b on the London Tube surely can't be considered a trip, it is probably mostly regarded as a journey. Though this is probably picking holes as you could probably call it #DeathTrap2015 and these guys would keep turning up, and it's certainly not for the free curry.

Either way the Tories are set to be out in force in East Croydon this Saturday with over 300 activists already signed up and raring to go.