Mike Hancock MP Faces £150k Legal Bill.

CONTROVERSIAL MP Mike Hancock is to be asked to repay the £150,000 legal bill for the investigation into his conduct by Portsmouth City Council.

The council last night unanimously agreed to ask its complaints panel to write to the Portsmouth South MP demanding the money.

This is despite Hancock recently threatening to sue PCC if they debated a motion referring to "sexual" advances.

Even Liberal Democrats Group Leader Gerald Vernon Jackson (GVJ) took a swipe at his former colleague, backing down from past supportive quotes, telling Full Council - "Mike Hancock has let his constituents down, he has let Portsmouth down and let the Liberal Democrats down."

GVJ called Hancock's behaviour "indefensible".

Despite this, GVJ is still refusing to push for disciplinary action against Hancock.

And in response to TBG's article where 'Annie' calls upon councillors Les Stevens and Terry Hall to pay the costs of their botched investigation, Liberal Democrats councillors Leo Madden and Hugh Mason proposed that "all councillors who had breached the council's code of conduct should repay costs."

That, though, has failed to satisfy two former Liberal Democrats.

Former councillor John Thompson told Portsmouth News reporter Miles O'Leary at yesterday's meeting that - "He should have been suspended right from the word go and the victim kept fully informed."

Whilst Independent councillor Eleanor Scott alleged that GVJ had not read a dossier by Nigel Pascoe QC when he said he had.

GVJ had said that he had seen a copy of the report before Cllr Scott left the Cabinet in January.