Lib Dems Get Nasty as Gove Steps In.

SEEMS as though Portsmouth Liberal Democrats have all of a sudden turned into the new nasty party as Michael Gove and hundreds of Tory activists prepare to land on Portsmouth this Saturday, TBG can reveal.

This time its Gerald Vernon Jackson's Deputy Cllr Hugh Mason at the centre of controversy after he yesterday said there wasn’t enough evidence showing that Les Cummings had been abused whilst in care despite the fact that the new Tory-led council has since given Mr Cummings an apology.

Cllr Mason yesterday reportedly said - "I can understand him being angry because he has argued his case forcibly over many years, and what I was saying at that time in those circumstances was that it wasn’t sensible to go ahead with an apology."

"If there is very clear evidence that Leslie Cummings suffered abuse, I will make a personal apology to him for having doubted that matter."

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