Knives Come Out For Team Paterson - CF National Chairman Candidate Attacked Over Data & Qualifications.

Alexandra Paterson

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) have been officially thrown into National Elections this week, as past elections go they can get quite bloody and this one seems like no exception so far with what one CF'er called "Desperate" attacks on favourite to snatch the CF crown, Alexandra Paterson, TBG can reveal.

CF National Chairman candidate Alexandra Paterson launched her campaign yesterday and immediately came under fierce attack by her rivals after activists received emails they say they did not sign up for. Other Tories have also pointed out to TBG that Paterson describes herself as a barrister but is in actual fact a solicitor.

Last year a CF National Chairman candidate was forced to pull out of the race after breaching the Data Protection Act, it would seem like a huge schoolboy error for any camp to repeat such mistakes this time around.

TBG has received dozens of complaints about an email sent out from the Paterson camp that activists say they did not sign up for. However, TBG understands that the data was actually harnessed from public voluntary lists from local associations and not internal CCHQ membership data, this is apparently well within the rules.

Though one CF'er has told TBG - "I'm rather unimpressed that a supposedly qualified legal professional could be so reckless when it comes to data protection. Can they explain themselves? I have never provided my email address to anyone in Conservative Future. Only the party's central office will have it as part of my membership."

Another deeply concerned CF'er contacted TBG after Paterson introduced herself as a barrister and her website stated she is a barrister. However, after checks with the BSB, barrister regulators, it has come to light that Paterson did the BPTC qualification but never finished her training and works as a solicitor.

"She (Paterson) works as a solicitor but has been introducing herself as a barrister to everyone in CF" - said the Tory source.

Team Paterson insiders say that the National CF Chairman candidate "is not a full barrister". One source commented - "She says on her website that she is a solicitor with higher rights of audience", which TBG understands "to be a barrister during case process".