Has Vernon Jackson Become Toxic?

Has Gerald Vernon Jackson (GVJ) become a toxic mix that the Liberal Democrats in Portsmouth can do without?

Well just ask Independent Councillor Eleanor Scott or even local Liberal Democrats activist and GVJ friend Nassar Kessell.

Eleanor yesterday resigned from the Liberal Democrats completely after finding out that a review of Portsmouth Liberal Democrats which will include face-to-face interviews for two-and-a-half days will not go as far as she was originally promised.

This came minutes before there was another twist in the long running debacle this time concerning a grassroots activist and close GVJ ally.

When TBG spoke to the activist at the recent Annual Meeting of Portsmouth City Council he was full of the beans of life and was even bragging about applying to be a candidate next May in Paulsgrove Ward even though he did concede that he probably would not win.

Then TBG was tipped off that the activist was being lined up to replace Eleanor in Fratton and after a quick exchange of words on Twitter it emerged that the activist "has not fully looked into it" and is now "Not 100% sure he will stand."

And all on the same day more revelations about GVJ hit the airwaves including news that he broke procurement rules and ignored senior officers legal advice over a proposed deal with 3GS.

This prompted one of his fiercest critics and former councillor Jim Fleming to rage on Twitter - "It's clear that Lib Dem Gerald Vernon Jackson is happy to continue misleading the people of Portsmouth" and "one day Lib Dem Gerald Vernon Jackson will discover that the public don't like being lied to."