EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth Wing A-list National Elections 'Imminent', Huge Row Erupts at TubeTrip After CF Chairman Told Not to Stand.

CF Chairman Oliver Cooper

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) are set to be suddenly thrown into elections this summer to "prevent a long-drawn out campaign", according to sources, after a major party figure was overheard saying the Party Machine is ready to "hang Olly out to dry", TBG can reveal.

As the TubeTrip2015 drinks reception was in full swing this past Saturday, sensational discussions were taking place between the movers and shakers in the Tory Party to dramatically change the direction and face of the Tory Youth Brigade with as little blood-shed as possible.

One concerned CF'er yelped to TBG - "Discussions I overheard yesterday need public discussion. Last night at the drinks reception for the TubeTrip, a major party activist figure informed several well known CF'rs individually that there are to be imminent CF Elections held this summer - probably in mid-August. They will be called as close to the time as is possible to prevent a long-drawn out campaign. The decision has been taken at the highest levels."

Sources also say that there will be a combination of measures and briefing against CF Chairman Oliver Cooper to ensure a new person at the helm. A CF'er claimed to TBG - "Concerns are centered on the Times piece with quotes credited to Oliver Cooper on sexual relations on the Newark #RoadTrip2015."

The CF'er continued - "A major party figure was calling several lieutenants out to inform them of this and ask them to support a united candidate."

A CF A-list of potential unifying candidates has been revealed to TBG and includes the names Elliott Johnson, Stephen Canning, Hannah Rawbone, Mahyar Tousi, Antonia-Jade King, Sam Armstrong, and Alexandra Paterson.

The senior RoadTrip/party activist figure holding these conversations has apparently said they'd like support to build around Paterson as the unifying candidate.

Near the end of the evening a senior RoadTrip2015 figure and Oliver Cooper were allegedly embroiled is a bust-up and heard arguing loudly in the club smoking area, about Cooper not standing and throwing his weight behind Paterson.

According to Tory insiders CF National Deputy Chairman Sarah-Jane Sewell was on full campaign mode all evening, attempting to woo more backers for her potential CF Chairman bid.

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